How to cook asparagus?

The title Queen by Vegetables is customary to call among sherpas or humans - asparagus. But how else, because it has a rich taste, high nutritional value, and an impressive supply of useful substances. However, most housewives frankly refrain from culinary actions, please consider in detail how to use asparagus is not too quick to properly prepare a vegetable.
Cooking vegetables
Thus, the purity of the vegetable preparation is based on proper cleaning and cooking of the shoot. Before cooking asparagus, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and this process depends on which grade you choose - white or green. The traditional white color is clear only under the tips, and green - starting from the middle of the stick.

It is allowed to clean the asparagus cascade with a traditional knife or a tool for cleaning vegetables. If you use the first method, you can remove the rough layers without damaging the inside of the rod. At the same time, work needs to be done very carefully so that the hand does not break the brittle turn.

Asparagus cooking is a delicate and delicate process. To prepare the green sea surface, there are several methods: between vertical bunches and loose. Using the first method, it is necessary to prepare a narrow high pan and tie it there with a string, lowering the wings there. Note that the baits reach the preparation faster than the stalks. For this reason, dip a bunch of Esharaguz into the water so that the top is above the water. Thus, it faces delicious cooking - stalks are prepared in steam water, and tips - under the influence of steam.

While there is no cooking technique, one important condition remains - boiled water salad. Even if you are preparing frozen asparagus, add 2 tbsp. Bring the salt and liquid to a boil only then put the vegetables in the bowl. You can add 1 teaspoon of honey or lemon zest so that the taste of the plant will be more perfect.

Note that a special dye may be cooked fresh green asparagus. To do this, the bundle of shells is placed on the bottom of the rice, so that it is submerged in a boat in warm water. Cooking length varies from shoot thickness and vegetable type. If you cook a white variety, it will take 8-10 minutes, if green - 3-4 minutes.

In addition, before cooking vegetables, you need to prepare ice. This is used to suspend the instantaneous healing process, which will last a few more minutes between pulses after being removed from the pan. After sinking into the ice, the stalks become thorny and acquire a rich color.

The cooked vegetables are taken out of the ice, the excess water is allowed to drain and dried on a paper napkin. Then you can spread on a plate and serve with sauce.

Variety of sauces for asparagus
As a rule, asparagus is served under Dutch sauce, which includes egg yolks, lemon juice and butter. However, the delicious taste of vegetables can be another number. Whether you make a classic Korean dish or asparagus, you can use such a base for the sauce:

Mustard with natural flour and lemon juice;
Ghee with egg yolks and parsley;
Dry cream with chopped flour and garlic;
Vegetable oil with raw nuts or cedar;
Camembert type soft cheese;
Meat oil with Parmesan cheese;
For the preparation of pistachio sauce soy asparagus.
Of course, the cooking process is not the only way to process asparagus. You can add vegetables, patties, pasta, soup, use them as a filling for baking or casserole. However, when the dried pork brings out the aroma and aroma of dried pork, the feeling of dried dates can be felt.

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