How to cook mussels?

Today or tomorrow this problem is a surprise. Oysters are eaten in shellfish. Meals with them are very nutritious, primarily due to the high content of meat, fats, and carbohydrate proteins. In addition, oysters - protein, iron, phosphorus, as well as various vitamin sources, restore human immunity. In fact, it is a product whose dishes can be cooked in a variety of dishes: dumplings, salads, and pilaf. You can also try cooking oyster soup or cooking oyster stuffed peppers. Low-calorie meat stands out from his diet.

The appearance and taste of a dish, first of all, depends on the method of its preparation. Consider the simplest method - frying.

An easy method of cooking. Fried oysters in most cases, such as oysters exposed shell affected by high temperatures, then its meat can be eaten. How thoroughly the oysters and how long to roast - is a personal matter.

If we talk about cooked oysters should not be imprinted in the clear process stage. Thick shells will first brush hairs, oysters then put in a pan and add water. Water them, let them cover a little, an extra liquid shell, the oyster release has been revealed. The boil then begins to cook the oysters for a few minutes. To taste, usually add onion, wine, garlic, etc. Enjoy water drain and cooked oysters!

How to choose oysters? If you want to learn very well from this diet, you should first think about how to prepare oysters, and how not to choose them properly! Likes whole, impermeable shells. Note that the shell should not be too light or too heavy (indicating the presence of a large amount of sand in the sink of the shellfish excessive intensity, not enough - already lifeless). Live oysters can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days after purchase. In the fridge, they are expanded to a single layer and covered with a damp cloth. Another aspect that attracts attention - the color shell. It can be green, blue, black, depending on the grade of the product it makes.

The oysters were collected by hand. How to cook oysters, which have been collected privately? Before answering this question, we draw your attention to exactly what you need to make sure that the shellfish are growing clean in the water area. See case should not be a place of release Wastewater, its construction project, shipping. The safest places - sand bars, submerged hills, oyster banks. One such as molasses as well as store preparation.

How do I clean oysters from shells? Oyster shells purify from algae, mud, and sand under cold water using a knife. Threads that were attached to the support shelf should be thrown into the sink to open, as they are no longer after eating. If the basin is slightly open, tap it - you close the shutter bus shutter.

What to cook oysters? How to cook oysters - understandable. But can you use this seafood in some foods? Oysters with risotto with vegetables and oysters - among the most popular culinary solutions.

Oysters with vegetables. Oysters combined with boiled grated cucumber and pepper. It is also chopped with chopped cabbage, garlic, salt, lemon juice, spices, and sauce. Container contents for thoroughly mixed and seasoned cooking with vegetable oil.

Pilaf with oysters. First, the oysters need to boil. Then, Julienne adds carrots, fried butter finely, chopped onions, and rice. All this water is poured into two glasses (which is one of the cooked oysters). Tomato paste, salt, and spices are added to taste. Pilaf is cooked over medium heat. Just a few minutes before the rice oysters are added.


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