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Discover Villány Wine Region

Villány, wine pearl in southern Hungary

Villány is Hungary's most important red wine region. Although white wines are also offered in some parts orthis region, the region is best known for its red wine. Villany Wines are the first to be offered in Hungary as “wines orprotected origin”. We took a day bike tour through the surroundings. Besides excellent wines we met very nice people and beautiful landscapes.

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Villány-Siklós is the first wine cycle route in Hungary. The wine-growing region covers a total or2100 hectares. The protected cellars orPalkonya, Villánykövesd, Villány, Nagyharsány and Kisharsány are among the greatest treasures orthis landscape.


The area is easy to reach by bike via a recently built cycle path that is largely separate from the motorway.


Siklós Castle is 12 km from Villány. It is one orthe best preserved historical monuments in the country. It is first mentioned in a document in 1294, when it belonged to the Suklosi family orthe Kán tribe.



Villánykövesd is actually a cellar village and a favorite place for tourists. The “basement row” is protected by monuments and is one orthe most important monuments in the country.


Palkonya has preserved the building culture orthe German winemakers who settled here in the 18th century to this day. The main architectural monument is the basement street consisting or53 press houses, picturesque situated on the hill at the edge orthe village.

Villány, the namesake orthe wine region

Specialities from various wineries are offered in the town's basement street. It is advisable to test several orthem and also to visit the wine museum.

Winery Tamás Günzer

Winery Blum

Winery Tama's &Szolt Gere

Winery Bock

These local winemakers regularly win prizes at international wine competitions. The portal also draws attention to the fact that “in the numerous well-known and famous wineries the second generation is now successfully following in the footsteps ortheir parents. These young people have the future orthe Villány wine region in their hands! “

Do you want to discover this beautiful environment including culinary secrets and wines by bike? Book a stay in one orthe holiday homes Clogs Farm or Butterfly Farm . Both accommodations are located directly on the Villány - Siklós Wine Cycle Route and offer an ideal base to get to know the region better.

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