Peruvian Quinoa, the cereal of the Incas

#howtomakequinoa Talking to a friend, when I lived in Peru, about Peruvian Cuisine, I asked her what was the most complete Andean food, the one that she would recommend to eat, because I wanted to change my diet and give it a healthier spin.
He told me the best, healthiest and that it is also very feasible to grow outside its natural habitat is quinoa.
This food of Andean origin was highly appreciated by ancient Peruvians since time immemorial and luckily in recent years its production has recovered and has already been causing a sensation all over the world.

Yes, it is a totally Peruvian product, I was telling me and its origins can be traced to the vicinity of Lake Titicaca, which is currently shared by countries such as Peru and Bolivia. This is one of the most important pre-Hispanic products and it is estimated that it was domesticated five thousand years ago.

It is a very resistant plant to extreme conditions, growing between 2,500 and 4, 000 meters above sea level., where soils are very difficult to cultivate.
Various cultures of the altiplano, such as Tiahuanaco, adapted it as one of their main crops and was basic in the diet of the ancient inhabitants of the Andes. The Incas would consider it a sacred food and would make it part of their rites and tributes to their gods. They even used it for medicinal purposes to combat sunstroke by the strong sun of the altiplano.
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