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Green Noodles

Green Noodles

 Welcome to my kitchen! Today, I show you how to make Green Noodles!

It is a very loved and well known dish from Peru.

When I arrived in Peru two years ago, a lady invited me to eat at her house and I accepted her invitation, she prepared me green noodles, and when she served them, and I tasted them, I fell in love with their flavor.

I asked her for the recipe and a few days later I made them at home. It is now my daughter's favorite dish. Beautiful Content. Responsive.


  1. 30 grams of Basil
  2. 60 grams of Spinach
  3. ½ onion
  4. 4 cloves of garlic
  5. Salt to taste Oil
  6. ½ cup of milk
  7. 1/8 kilo of semi-hard cheese
  8. 3 packages of crackers
  9. 500 grams of tagliatelle pasta or your preference (short or long).

Step 1. Put garlic, grated onion and oil in a pot to fry. After having washed the spinach and basil, cut into small pieces and add to the pot, sauté and add a cup of water for cooking.

Step 2. When everything is soft, turn it off and take it to the blender. Blend very well. At this point many people use a strainer to remove large residues of spinach or basil from the sauce. Once the green juice is in the blender, add the cheese, the crushed crackers and the milk. Blend and add salt to taste. And you will have the sauce ready for your pasta.

Place water, salt and oil in a pot, wait for it to boil and add the pasta, cook for approximately 20 minutes or when it is al dente and use the strainer to remove the water.

Step 3. Join the pasta with the green cream and always leave a little extra cream to add to the pasta when serving.

Step 4. You can serve this pasta with grilled chicken or pork fillet. I served it with pork because it is my family's favorite.


It is a nutritious recipe loaded with green flavor that you will love!

It was our family lunch yesterday.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think? If not, I hope you make it and let me know in the comments!

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