Lady Gaga born this way Z

Lady Gaga born this way

Lady Gaga: Singer, fashion designer and actress. This eccentric lady not only impresses with her dance moves and singing skills, but also with her distinct taste for clothing. Since 2005, she has been able to surprise us time and time again with new music tracks and has made it to the top of the charts several times. In this post, I'll take you into the dashing life of Lady Gaga. 

Lady Gaga born this way

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta better known by the name Lady Gaga. She was born on March 28, 1986 at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, New York City. Her mother Cynthia Louise is half French/half Canadian, her father Joseph Germanotta is originally from Sicily. Lady Gaga has had one younger sister in her life Natalli (1992) She grew up in Manhattan's Upper West Side with her parents and younger sister. Lady Gaga comes from a family that has climbed hardwork from the lower social class. 

That Lady Gaga was raised Roman Catholic can't be found out of her music songs. At the age of four, Lady Gaga had the chance to learn how to play the piano. Her mother was the decisive factor here, because she wanted her daughter to be a cultural young woman. Lady Gaga took piano lessons throughout her childhood, which taught her how to make music by learning to listen. Lady Gaga herself also prefers to make music she hears more than sheet music. 

Lady Gaga high school and university

From the age of 11, Lady Gaga attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private school for Roman Catholic girls only. Lady Gaga herself describes her school days as “very dedicated, very disciplined. But also a bit insecure” She didn't quite fit the group well and felt herself too eccentric towards the other girls.

She also started performing in her teens, singing on evenings where unknowns artists could show themselves, the said: “open mic” evenings. And acted in various school shows. Lady Gaga attended high school, studying at the Collaborative Arts at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, but did not finish this study. She wanted to focus more on her musical career. She was in the second semester when she dropped out of college. In her school days Lady gaga managed to prove herself as a songwriter. Her parents have always accepted her choice to be a singer and supported their daughter's choices.

After she dropped out of college, she had several jobs that made her money and learned to perform. Among other things, Lady Gaga has worked as a gogo dancer.

Lady Gaga Born this way

“I don't know exactly where my affinity for music comes from, but it is the thing that comes easiest to me. When I was like three years old, I may have been even younger, my mom always tells this really embarrassing story of me propping myself up and playing the keys like this because I was too young and short to get all the way up there. Just go like this on the low end of the piano. I was really, really good at piano, so my first instincts were to work so hard at practicing piano, and I might not have been a natural dancer, but I am a natural musician. That is the thing that I believe I am the greatest at.”

Lady Gaga record contracts

September 2006 Lady Gaga signed a contract with record label Def Jam Recordings for the first time. She took the stage name: “Lady Gaga” inspired by the song “Radio ga ga” by British rock band Queen. Def Jam Recordings meant that an album would be released within nine months, but the record label Lady Gaga dropped to three months. No numbers arose in this collaboration.

After her breakup with Def Jam Recording, Lady Gaga experimented with drugs and alcohol, and performed independently in clubs. Read more about her alcohol and drug addiction later. 

Lady Gaga met DJ lady Starlight and together they performed regularly in nightclubs, lady Startlight taught Lady Gaga the profession of performing, they were invited together to perform at the Lollapalooza festival in August 2007. In the meantime, Lady Gaga also recorded songs with producer RedOne who forwarded the songs to Vincent Herbert, owner of the Streamline Records record label, but this collaboration didn't last long, as the label stopped at the end of 2007.

After that, Lady Gaga signed her third record deal with Interscope records at the age of 20, who worked with Britney Spears, Pussy cat dolls and New Kids on the Block, among others. It was Akon, an R&B singer of Interscope, who discovered the singer during a burlesque performance along with lady starlight.

Debut album the Fame Lady Gaga

“The Fame” is the name of the debut album Lady Gaga released August 12, 2008. The debut album came in six countries in 1st place, and in the Netherlands the album scored no higher than 12th place. But the success is certainly there with sales of more than 12 million albums nationwide. The best known songs from Lady Gaga's debut album are:

- Just Dance

- Pokerface

- Beautiful Dirty Rich

- Love Game

- Paparazzi

Lady Gaga ft Colby O'Donis

This song was written in 10 minutes, unimaginable. Nationwide fame did not make Lady Gaga with this song. 

Lady Gaga - Poker Face

Writing this song took up a week at most, and came in several countries at number 1. 

In 2009, the song “Pokerface” was named best-selling 2009.

The debut album the Fame is a combination of synth-pop and dancepop with influences of pop music from the '80s. Lyrically, the album for Lady Gaga visualizes her love of celebrity in general, but also how to deal with topics such as love, sex, money, drugs and her sexual identity. 

Lady Gaga drugs, alcohol and other unhealthy habits

After Def Jam Recording dropped the singer, she spent Christmas with her family in New York. She had a hard time dealing with what the record label had done to her, and began experimenting with drugs such as heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, as well as drinking excessive alcohol.

Ian Halperin, a journalist who has been more into Lady Gaga's life, says that the layers of makeup and wigs are nothing but covering up the skin condition Lupus she lives with. The Steffani girl as she was born is no longer recognizable in the style she has now adopted.

In addition to excessive use of drugs and alcohol, Lady Gaga is guilty of starving herself, to go to great lengths.

Lady Gaga, Engaged?

Lady Gaga has openly come out for being bisexual but has never really been in love with a woman. However, she got engaged to Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney in February 2015, marriage never came.

Lady Gaga is never really open about her relationships, but the entertainment magazine “People” has let Lady Gaga know she is engaged to 17-year-old agent Christian Carino. “Christian Carino has an understanding of my career and choices,” says Lady Gaga.

Christian Carino, who works as an agent for stars such as: Justin Bierber and Miley Cyrus previously dated Walkin dead actress Lauren Cohan and has been married to journalist Brooke Baldwin from 1997 to 2015 and has a daughter Bella with her. How Lady Gaga and Carino's relationship or marriage continues, they know how to keep a secret. 20-02-2019 we learned that the engagement between the two lovebirds has broken. 

Won awards by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been nominated for several successful albums and has been nominated for her acts and songs several times. In total, the singer has been nominated 574 times and has actually won the award of this 246 times. Below is a section of the awards Lady Gaga won in the past, for the full list you can check out:

The awards won:

- Rising star award 2009

- International music video 2009

- International artist 2009

- Favorite pop rock artist 2010 and 2017

- Video of the year 2010

- Crosover artist 2010

- International breaktrough act 2010

- International female solo artist 2010

- International album 2010

- Outstanding music artist 2010

- International pop artist 2011

- Top pop artist 2011

- Top dance artist 2011

- Top Dance electronic album 2011

- Best dressd 2011

- Best festival performance 2011

- TV musical program of the year

- Fashion icon award 2011

- Most memorable fued with Madonna 2012

- Top dance artist 2012

- Best Fashion artist 2012

- Most influential artist 2012

- Breaktrough award 2012

- Concert marketing and promotion award 2012

- Eventfull choice awards 2012

- Most disapointing 2013

- Most bus about 2014

- Best tour 2014

- Woman of the year 2015

- Outstanding music artist 2015

- Editor of the year 2016

- Best actress 2018

- Best film music 2019

- Best original song 2019

- Best actress 2019

- Best song “Shallow” 2019

Lady Gaga shocks with a raw meat dress at the MTV video music Awards

Not everyone was a fan of the meat dress Lady Gaga wore at the MTV Video music awards ceremony. I also thought it was a step too far. The singer enveloped her body in raw meat to make a statement, but not everyone could appreciate her action. The dress made of cow meat was designed by fashion designer Franc Fernandez, who used pieces of meat from his family's butcher.

The dress was a breeding ground for pests and harmful to health. According to Lady Gaga herself, her intention was not to bump people into the chest. She also didn't want to hurt vegetarians and vegans, the only thing she wanted to make it clear that she wasn't a piece of meat, and more than that. 

In addition to a dress, she also wore a handbag and raw meat headgear.

Film Carian Lady Gaga

In addition to singing, dancing, fashion designs and writing songs, Lady Gaga also has a few film roles to her name. It was supporting roles and one main role:

- 2013 Machete Kills

- 2014 Sin City: A dame to kill for

- 2014 Kingsman The Secret service'

- 2018 A Star is Born

Lady Gaga tours

Lady Gaga has already made several tours around different countries:

- The Fame Ball Tour (2009)

- The Monster Ball Tour (2009-2011)

- The Born this way Tour (2012-2013)

- Lady Gaag Live at Roseland Ballroom (2014)

- Artrave: The artpop Ball (2014)

- The Cheek to cheek tour with Tony Benett (2014-2015)

- The Joanne World Tour (2017-2018)

Lady Gaga superbowl

Lady Gaga managed to put things on stilts during the 2018 superbowl, but the sports enthusiasts had to do it with a decent apolitical show. They expected more of it. Despite this, Lady Gaga's performance was unforgettable, it all started with the entry, with Lady Gaga traditionally singing the patriotic song “God Bless America” from the roof. After this, the singer also sang the song “This Land is Your Land”, a song by Woody Guthrie from 1945, also known as the protest song against exclusion of African-Americans and the poor in American society.

After these two songs, Lady Gaga literally jumped off the stage roof and descended into her own bombastic oeuvre. Balancing on cords Lady Gaga was torched NRG Stadium in Houston Texas. She sang well-known songs: “Pokerface, Bad Romance, Telephone and Born this way” should not be missed either.

Top 10 Songs Lady Gaga

  The choice of Lady Gaga's best songs is very difficult as she has already scored multiple hits, but my personal top 10 is:

1. Pokerface (2008)

2. Papparazzi (2009)

3. Bad Romance (2009)

4. Telephone vs Beyonce (2010)

5. Alejandro (2010)

6. Born this way (2011)

7. Love Game (2009)

8. Applause (2013)

9. Just dance (2008)

10. Judas (2011)

Not only are the songs great to hear, the clips are also excellent. Some with a shocking image, but she shows her dance moves well in the clips. And dancing, that's one thing she certainly learned as a gogo dancer.

Lady Gaga's style and tattoos

Lady Gaga sees herself as a living work of art. With an artistic style of clothing that she believes is a tribute to the artist Andy Warhol. With her extravagant style of clothing and hairstyles, she knows how to distinguish herself from the rest of the world. Her style of clothing is compared to new wave acts of the '80s. In February 2010, Lady Gaga was chosen as the best-dressed and only dressed artist at the shock waves NME Awards.


I'm sure you've never noticed before, but Lady Gaga has only been tattooed on her left side of the body. The singer did this on purpose so that she has another nice untattooed side for her father to watch.

Lady Gaga has tattooed an excerpt from a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke on the inside of her left upper arm:

Aanhalingsteken openen

prüfen Sie, ob er in der tiefsten Stelle Ihres
Herzens seine Wurzeln ausstreckt, gestehen
Sie sich ein, ob Sie sterben müßten, wenn es Inhnen
versagt würde zu schreiben. muß ich schreiben?

Aanhalingsteken sluiten

Underneath, she added as a caption “Little monsters”, this is the nickname Lady Gaga gives to her fans. When we look at her arm further, we get to the wrist, where Lady Gaga has had a peace sign tattooed. On the left side of her lower back there is a music key with roses and on her left thigh the name of her album “Born this way”. Lastly, the singer had a tattoo on her left shoulder blade with three flowers and the lyrics “Tokyo Love”, underneath a monster hand. Next to the flower on her scapula there is a heart with the word “Dad” in it. 


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