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Adventurous tour in the Ardeche

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Day 3 September 22 Just before six o'clock we drove with her Fiat Minito the Fromage farmer on the high mountain top. The first car ride gave an idea of what it's like to drive this car. The steep sandy road was not the most suitable road to get to the top of the cheese farm. We bought in the room that belonged to the big farm the small cheeses and my friend also the goat's milk. I'd gotten nauseous since I got into the Fiat Mini. So I didn't dare to taste cheese when the young saleswoman asked. A little further the goats were milked in the stables. In addition to his goats, the young cheese farmer had a wife and young daughter walking around. The feeding of the goats took place in separate containers where the udders gave milk at the same time, drained into syringe hoses for further use.

Day 4 23 September

For the walk from the village of Rocles, the French neighbor of Rinell walked along. Through the steep streets we walked it through the village and what followed practically walked up the mountain. After an hour I tried a few French words on the neighbor, but with his sweaty face and broken blouse he didn't understand much of it. The last heavy kilometers over the asphalt allowed my friend and I to use the Fiat Miniof Erik. At the viewpoint stood in the form of a half round, the many cols on the plateau. I got completely disoriented from the many mountains, but definitely didn't want to enter the lookout tower a few meters away.

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