How Many Countries Are There in Asia

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Eastern Asia

North Korea
South Korea

The population of the sub region of Eastern Asia is close to 2 billion. It consists of five countries, China, which is the largest country in the world. China's population is more than 1.4 million. It was also listed as one of the most populated countries in the previous census. Mongolia is the least populated country in Eastern Asia. It has a population of around 3.50 million. The second and third-largest economies in the world are from the East Asian countries of China and Japan. It is estimated that China will surpass the United States as the world's largest economic country by 2028. East Asia also includes North Korea, which is a communist country with a stagnant economy. It is the land of secrets by experts.
Japan and South Korea view North Korea with suspicion and concern, given that it is known to possess several nuclear weapons. Tokyo is the most populous Eastern Asian city, with 38.2 million people along with the most technological advancement. With a combined population of over 20 million, the Chinese cities of Shanghai (China) and Beijing (China), are the second-and-third most populous in Eastern Asia

South-Eastern Asia

Timor Leste

11 countries are located in South-Eastern Asia. The population of the subregion is estimated at more than 650 million. Indonesia is South-Eastern Asia's largest and considered to be the most populous nation. It is surrounded by many eye-catching small and large islands. Indonesia has a population of close to 300 million. Other countries in South-Eastern Asia are also built on islands, except for Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. The Sultanate of Brunei is South-Eastern Asia's least populous country, with a population of just 440 thousand. Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, has the sub-region's largest population. It has more than 13 million inhabitants. Other major cities in South-Eastern Asia include Jakarta, Bangkok, Thailand, and Jakarta.

Southern Asia

Sri Lanka

There are a total of 9 countries in Southern Asia. Their combined population is almost 2 billion. So far Southern Asia is Asia's most populous subregion. It includes 9 countries. India is the most populated as well as the polluted country in South Asia. It houses more than half of its population. India is home to 1.3 billion people, making it the second-most populous country in the world during the last census. Statistics show that India will surpass China as the most populous country worldwide by 2028. India's population is far more populous than the populations of other countries in Southern Asia. Pakistan is the next largest country in the region, with more than 200 million people living within its borders.

Central Asia


Central Asia includes 5 countries. It is home to 75.1 million people, making it the most populous region on the continent. Central Asia comprises five countries, much like Eastern Asia. These countries were all part of the Soviet Union until 1991 when it fell apart. These countries have been independent states since 1991. Uzbekistan is the most populous country of Central Asia, with more than 33 million people.

Western Asia

Saudi Arabia
State of Palestine
United Arab Emirates

Western Asia's population is more than 280 million. Turkey is the most populous country within the subregion, with an estimated population of more than 84 million. Turkey is also considered a transcontinental nation since its territory includes small parts of Europe, where Istanbul, Turkey's biggest city, is situated. Georgia and Azerbaijan are two other transcontinental countries located in Western Asia. However, the majority of these countries' population resides in Asia. Western Asia's least populous country is Cyprus and has a population of just above 1.2 million.

Asian Territories

Hong Kong
The continent includes more than 48 countries. It also has three additional territories. Hong Kong and Macau are Special Administrative Areas of the China's People's Republic of China. These territories were once part of China but were seized by European powers centuries ago. Hong Kong was ruled by Britishers until 1997 when it was returned to China. Macau was a Portuguese colony from 1898 to 1999 when it was again under Chinese control. The island of Taiwan is now an independent state. It is Asia's third territory. However, most countries do not recognize Taiwan as an independent nation and consider it to be a Chinese province. China considers Taiwan a renegade territory that must be under its control. It has threatened to use force to retake the island.
Below are the countries with their regions:

Afghanistan - Southern Asia

Armenia - Western Asia

Azerbaijan - Western Asia

Bahrain - Western Asia

Bangladesh - Southern Asia

Bhutan - Southern Asia

Brunei - South-Eastern Asia

Cambodia - South-Eastern Asia

China - Eastern Asia

Cyprus - Western Asia

Georgia - Western Asia

India - Southern Asia

Indonesia - South-Eastern Asia

Iran - Southern Asia

Iraq - Western Asia

Israel - Western Asia

Japan - Eastern Asia

Jordan - Western Asia

Kazakhstan - Central Asia

Kuwait - Western Asia

Kyrgyzstan - Central Asia

Laos - South-Eastern Asia

Lebanon - Western Asia

Malaysia - South-Eastern Asia

Maldives - Southern Asia

Mongolia - Eastern Asia

Myanmar - South-Eastern Asia

Nepal - Southern Asia

North Korea - Eastern Asia

Oman - Western Asia

Pakistan - Southern Asia

Philippines - South-Eastern Asia

Qatar - Western Asia

Saudi Arabia - Western Asia

Singapore - South-Eastern Asia

South Korea - Eastern Asia

Sri Lanka - Southern Asia

State of Palestine - Western Asia

Syria - Western Asia

Tajikistan - Central Asia

Thailand - South-Eastern Asia

Timor-Leste - South-Eastern Asia

Turkey - Western Asia

Turkmenistan - Central Asia

United Arab Emirates - Western Asia

Uzbekistan - Central Asia

Vietnam - South-Eastern Asia

Yemen - Western Asia

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