Grilled Chicken Summer Pasta Salad | Madeleine

Grilled Chicken Summer Pasta Salad

Summer pasta salad

We are going to cook again and with these hot days I love to enjoy a summer. #pastasalad to enjoy. With just a few ingredients, you can put this delicious pasta salad on the table in no time. Lovely with rustic baguette, glass of rosé or white wine and you'll feel like you're in Italian atmosphere. The pasta goes well with the BBQ.

What do you need + prescription

What do you need (4 people)

500 gram pasta. (I chose fussili)
1 jar of sundried tomatoes
1 tray of pesto
400 grams of grilled chicken breast in pre-cut pieces
1 bag of lamb lettuce
1 bag of parmesan
1 rustic baguette


Put a medium saucepan of water on the fire and bring it to a boil. Add the fussili (pasta) as soon as the water boils and follow the cooking time indicated on the package. Meanwhile, cut the sundried tomatoes into pieces. I used half a jar for 4 people, but it needs to be a little bit on feeling, because one likes a little more sun-dried tomato than the other. The grilled chicken breast was already pre-cut, under the guise of easy, but if you have a whole chicken breast, then cut into pieces. Cut baguette into slices. When the pasta is cooked, drain and let it leak out in colander and cool. Stir the pesto. Here too I used a three-quarter tray instead of the whole tray. Stir in the lamb's lettuce and sundried tomatoes. Filling the plates with salad. A little parmesan over it for those who want and serve some baguette. Eat appetizing!


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