Drawing in Nature Becoming Outdoor Activity in Croatia?

Question For Yoors Drawing Community: would you like to attend an easy and guided hike in order to reach this kind of place (video and photo example) to have a drawing landscape session? :D

I'll write no more about the video, it kind of speaks more than I ever could, nature's beauty truly can be sensed. From experience, moving soul strings create a melody unknown, but it allows you to dance to the rhythm of your own drum. Rivers are magical places for me, and Croatia is full of them. The deduction, Croatia is pure nature magic, especially water :) It's my inspiration for creativity, even drawing :D Places on the photo: Rastoke, Croatia. #affiliatemarketing 

Would you attend such an event, assuming you love to draw  (skill level regardless) and outdoor activity of some kind? :D
#draw #outdoor #trip #Croatia
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