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The Dingo

Dingo's, it's a bit of a weird name, but they're wild dogs. They're in Australia. The dingoes are descended from the steppe wolf, which 8000 years ago were taken as a domestic dog by the aboriginals from South-East Asia. There are also people who think the dingoes made the crossing themselves. So it's a bit mysterious, how they got to Australia. Actually, they're not dogs, but they're not wolves either. What's very special: the dingoes can't bark, but they do cry to communicate, just like wolves.

Photo: Mariamichelle

Their way of life is quite similar to that of the wolves, but they are a lot smaller. Dingos live in family groups and hunt mainly sheep and rabbits. They also like fruits, plants, and bait. Then of course there are birds, other rodents and they even eat small kangaroos!

In the south-east of Australia, a fence of over 5 km in length has been installed to keep the dingoes out of a large meadow area. To protect the sheep!

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