The Venice of the North..!

Did you know that Amsterdam is known as "the Venice of the North" because of the number of canals and bridges that cross the city.

Amsterdam has 75 kilometers of canals and they give rise to more than 1000 bridges. In addition, thousands of families live in the canals in the more than 2,500 houseboats, if you read correctly houseboats.

In 2010 "UNESCO" recognized its value by declaring the canal belt of Amsterdam a World Heritage Site.

There are as many ways to explore the canals as you like, from the classic boat trip to the rental of canoes, hydro-pedals, mini-cruises ... If you want to enjoy a more special tour, you can also do it, as there are boats that organize lunches, dinners or even parties in the evening. There is even a "smoke tour"! In Amsterdam anything is possible.

I have not had the pleasure of visiting such a beautiful place, but that if ...!
I have done many tests in high school regarding this place, since it is one of my favorites, of one thing we are sure it is a very magical place, worth getting lost in its streets

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