How many people live in New York City?

New York known as New York City or NYC is the most densely populated city of the United States. New York covers an area of about 300.46 sq. miles which is approximately 778.2 km2. The city is located in southeastern New York state. New York city is among the world's more crowded megacities. It is described as the cultural, media and financial capital of the world, meaningfully influencing entertainment, commerce, research, education, technology, politics, dining, tourism, art, sports, and fashion. It is the most photographed city in the world.

How many people live in New York City?
New York City had a population of 8,175, 130 in 2010 and 8,230,290 by 2020. It is the biggest city in New York State as well as in United States. NYC has a population density of about 27,400 persons in every square mile.
An average household in New York City has an income of about $102,946 and poverty rate of 17.95 per cent. The median rental cost in current years comes to about $1,443 in a month, and the median house has a value of $606,000. The median age in NYC is 36.7 years, with 35.4 years being for males, and 38.1 years being for females.

List showing people living in New York City by race, population and it’s the percentage
•    White: 3,597,221, 42.73%
•    Black or African American: 2,046,878, 24.31%
•    Some Other Race: 1,241,618, 14.75%
•    Asian: 1,186,606, 14.09%
•    Two: More Races, 305,948, 3.63%
•    American Indian and Alaska Native: 36,250, 0.43%
•    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific-Islander: 4,802, 0.06%

New York City Boroughs
NYC features 5 different boroughs which include Staten Island, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. Moreover, about 800-languages are spoken in the New York City which makes it the city with highest linguistic diversity around the world.

Boroughs Population Increases
The most important increase in NYC population has taken place in Brooklyn borough. This showed an increase of population by 5.3 cents between the 2010 census and 2016 estimates. The second most considerable change is at the Bronx, which reflected an increase of 5.1 per cent, then Queens by 4.9 per cent, then Manhattan by 3.7 per cent, and Staten Island by 1.2 per cent.

NYC Population Projections
The population of New York City is projected to be about 9 million by 2040, dependent on recent projections.
The 1st recorded population census for NYC was 7,681 back in 1698. The NY city grew in the 18th century, though exploded in the 19th century. The town that had 80,000 back in 1800 grew to a city that had 3.4 million people towards the end of the 1800s. The growth kept on continuing until the 1930s though has tapered off in 80 years since.

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