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Bottle-mail found! Looking for the sender with you?

Message in a bottle - found in Rockanje

That's romantic, finding bottle mail on the beach.? We found one in Rockanje, and at our vacation address we opened the bottle..


The bottle was damp inside and the note was wet. Fortunately, we were able to roll the note open and let it dry. In the end we were able to read the text pretty well,

Unfortunately, there was no date, nor a place where the bottle was thrown into the water. So we can fantasize about that, that the bottle has floated very long and very far at sea and that the writer is now very old and is waiting for a message for the letter.

We found it in Rockanje, South Holland, Netherlands.


After a few hours of drying, we were able to read the note. Written in pencil, with some rust spots by the iron ring that was around it, but can be deciphered:

Ewige Liebe & Treue Jamy und Hanny

Eternal Love & Faith Jamy and Hanny

Eternal Love & Loyalty Jamy and Hanny

I'm not quite sure of the name Jamy.

Ewige Sweet & True

Jamy und Hanny

You want to help me?? 

Now it seems so much fun to find the writer of this note.! Shall we share this on social media?? Looking for probably German people who put a note in a small bottle and threw it into the sea. Who knows, we'll find out where and when the note ended up in the sea.?

You share. We pay your share.