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Chocolate Souffle


Chocolate - Souffle from the Airfryer! delightfully! Another simple top recipe. delightfully met wat poedersuiker, maar je kan er ook wat rood fruit bij doen bijvoorbeeld, of slagroom (of en - en)

Ingredienten: 4 kleine schaaltjes (passen ze in het mandje van de airfryer?)

- 1 egg, split

- 8 grams butter

- 8 grams of flour

- 50 ml milk

- 40 grams of chocolate (pure, each or white)

- 1/2 tsp. cornstarch

- butter to grease

- sugar to sprinkle the trays

The roadmap for the perfect chocolate souffle!

  1. - Grease the dishes with the butter and sprinkle the trays with sugar so that the souffles can come up well, put them in the fridge for best results!
  2. -Smelt the butter in a pan and heat the flour in the butter. A few minutes until the flower is cooked.
  3. - Add the milk in a little bit and mix well!
  4. - Melt the chocolate in the mixture
  5. - Remove the mixture from the heat and stir in the egg yolk! Mixing well and fast.
  6. - Beat the egg whites frothy and then add the sugar and cornstarch, then whisk until stiff peaks!
  7. - Gently spread the protein through the chocolate mixture so you don't knock the air out!
  8. - Fill the container up to 2/3 with the batter.
  9. - Preheat airfryer to 180 degrees
  10. - Place the dishes in the airfryer fryer basket (did you check if the trays fit in? )
  11. - Bake 10 minutes (do not open in between, then the souffles will definitely collapse!)

Gently remove the dishes and garnish with icing sugar, red fruit or whipped cream! Enjoy it, don't wait too long!

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