Drawn meal: avocado salad from ELINA | ellesvandenbroek

Drawn meal: avocado salad from ELINA

signed meal: Avocado salad

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At @ELINA RICKURA I saw another delicious recipe coming along! I would like to make a drawing! This has become the drawing, a delicious avocado salad! And also a super healthy one!

A description of the salad can be found in the post of ELINA below.

Eat tasty!

The original recipe of ELINA

Below is the recipe of ELINA that inspired me! Also very tasty for everyone who participates in #weightloss

My Signed Recipes

In recent times, I have already made a lot of drawn recipes! Last a meal from @pitamaria2000 drawn, also so tasty! And together with a lot of Yoors members I made a Yoors Christmas Cookbook, with recipes that you can also make at other times! In addition, I have worked out a lot of recipes separately! Take a look at my profile, you can find them all there. Do you like my drawings, and would you like to have a favorite (family) recipe written out, please send me a message! #recipe #drawings #signedrecipe #avocado #avocadosalad #avocadosalad #lowcarbohydrate #weightloss #yoors #drawings #drawing #recept #familierecept #yoors #cookbook

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