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What to eat today - Noodle soup


#watetenwevandaag , we eat a vegetarian variation on my noodle soup today, with wraps with chicken breast and vegetable. I didn't run errands today, so I had to do what I had in my house! #duurzaamheid

  • Fruit a very finely chopped onion with some garlic, a little ginger, some sweet chilli sauce, and some soy sauce
  • cut carrot into strips and some remaining cauliflower into small florets and put them in the pan
  • add two cubes of broth, and about one and a half liters of water
  • let it boil until the vegetable has the desired cooking
  • add a large amount of noodles for the last few minutes and cook them (see how long it is cooking)
  • season with some pepper

You can add a lot, whatever you want. For example, bok choy, mushrooms, chicken breast.

You can serve a boiled egg on the soup.

Today we eat wraps with ham, chicken breast, cucumber and carrot strips, kids also happy!

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