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Rotterdam (2)

Nice that there were reactions to the first series of pictures of Rotterdam and apparently it tastes like more. In the 2nd series pictures of Rotterdam with water. Water has had a great attraction since childhood. As a child I saved up my pocket money to sail back and forth on Wednesday with the ferry to Katendrecht. That cost a nickel then. Over time, the captain of the little boat knew me and I could stay on the ferry for that one penny and sail back and forth several times. It was especially exciting when such a big boat arrived.

One of my favorite places is the Old Haven where you can enjoy a Latte on one of the terraces and leave the hustle and bustle of the city centre behind. In the background The White House, once the tallest building in the city.


A rare moment when it was quiet on the Meuse. Normally it is a coming and going of small and larger vessels.

A real eye-catcher, such a bright red ship in the Wijnhaven. The V11 Lightship has a fixed berth and there is a bar and a restaurant. The local residents will have looked up strangely earlier this month because the ship had suddenly disappeared. Do not panic, it has been temporarily dragged away for maintenance and will return to its own place in December.


Where water is needed bridges. Rotterdam has many, old and new. This is the Regentesse Bridge. Popularly called the Lion Head Bridge because of the lions on both sides of the bridge. The bridge was built in 1899 and is a national monument.

I hope to have done the fans of Rotterdam a pleasure with these pictures.

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