Bandeja Paisa

#recipe As a good daughter of a Colombian, I have learned a lot about the gastronomy of that beautiful country.
One of the most famous dishes of my dear Colombia is the much-requested “Paisa tray”, it is native to the Andean region of the country, where people are called “Paisas”.
This rich dish has several ingredients. Traditionally it has red beans, powdered meat (which can be substituted for grilled beef or pork), greaves, white rice, fried egg, chorizo, avocado, arepa and green banana.
Its preparation is very simple, usually the beans are prepared the day before, along with the meat powder if it is presented with it and stored in the fridge.
The next day the chorizos are grilled, and the meat to be roasted, simultaneously the greaves are fried as well as the green banana tostones.
The green banana is fried in large pieces, then crushed and returned back to the fryer. You can also substitute tostones for slices of ripe banana, although I particularly love it with tostones.
White rice and egg are cooked, avocado is presented in slices or whole as your preference.
To assemble the tray, place the white rice, chicharrones, chorizo, fried egg, tostones or chopped meat powder or grilled. Avocado and beans can be placed on the same tray or on separate plates, this depends on how big the tray is.
I hope you can taste this incredible Paisa tray, a typical dish from Colombia.
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