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The magical Cappadocia - imagine yourself in a fairy tale

#travel In Turkey, a short flight away from Istanbul lies the magical Cappadocia.
Perhaps one of the most extraordinary trips we have ever made.
Cappadocia has a fairytale landscape consisting of rocks and valleys.
The homes and hotels have been cut out of the rocks.
The special area is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The people are very friendly and the food is very tasty and very affordable.
Cappadocia is best discovered by foot or by air balloon.
The latter makes Cappadocia look even more magical at sunrise.
Every morning when the weather is good enough, dozens of balloons go into the air, creating a real spectacle.


If you are looking for a special place when we are allowed to travel again then Cappadocia is definitely a must!

We're definitely going back to this magical area, too.

If you want to see any more footage of Cappadocia, I'd love to hear it.

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