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On vacation but just a little different



Our holiday experience

At the beginning of this year I was asked by my sister and her boyfriend if I wanted to go with them on holiday, because I regularly look after their little girl, of course I said yes because it is super nice to be invited to join them.

Plans were made and in April we would go on route, Unfortunately it could not go on then because as with so many people the plans were canceled. But after waiting for all the news this past week it was really that far again. We went on vacation!

Packed and cracked in the car towards Austria, and as an extra item the well-known mouthcap, at every pumping station and roadside restaurant obligatory to wear. But this is a small effort for this cozy trip.

After a good 10 hours drive we arrived at our destination, bit rainy but there we are all at our holiday address!

What a beautiful view!

We stayed on a Landal park where our apartment was neat and fresh (that always makes us happy). Our first day we took it easy, made a small round and had a nice meal.

But day 2 what a view! It was a little fresh yet but pfoe what was I burned at the end of this day! After we ended up with a handy ski lift on top of the mountain we started walking down and with that the temperature became warmer and warmer. The view is on all sides really so beautiful and especially soothing as in the mountains between the trees. This decent walk has caused us muscle pain for the rest of the holiday haha.

Day 3 came so quickly and since we were a bit difficult with our muscle pain buttocks we have now done nice and quiet, what played with my niece and evenings nice swimming in the pool, ooh what was that nice and especially long ago seen the swimming pools at home all are closed.

Day 4 a decent ride because today we go to the Grossglockner, about 2 hours drive but it is a lot of slope work because we go up well. Eventually we were at 2369m high, wow and what we found in snow! or rather ice haha. And then you stand there in your shorts, because when we left it was still 23 degrees but once above a fresh 7. But really an experience so beautiful view and brrr still standing in the snow. At least I had all the temperatures in one holiday very special.

Day 5 unfortunately it has flown by again everything back in the car and again 10 hours on the road. But luckily it was very cozy and the environment very beautiful. And meanwhile my red head was also a bit more towards brown hihi.

After this holiday Austria is certainly a place where would go again, but in the summer just like now because despite my snow picture I prefer it a little warmer myself.

You have a lot of beautiful hiking/bike routes and also the option to rent bikes (even electric ones) because those mountains are very nice but a work to come up. And of course nice villages and lots of different sights to go see. With german you are well in your place but most places they also speak a good word of english.

That was him again for this time and greetings from a very happy holidaymaker who can now go back to work


Another special thanks


For my sister and her boyfriend that I could go on holiday


And my niece because she's just a sweet dragon

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