The 7 Wonders of Zevenblad.

Seven leaf. Herba Sanitas

Seven-leaf from the family of the umbellous, becomes by many people called a real garden rorist. A fixed lot common plant that is almost impossible to eradicate. This powerful plant prepares
like a green blanket in your garden and multiplies through the roots. Yet we have it here
about a very healthy wild vegetable full of substances that our body desperately needs.
Actually, seven-leaf possesses more miracles than in the title of this blog.
See below which valuable substances have seven leaf

Just in a row:

1. Large quantities of vit. B.
2. Large quantities of vit. C.
3. Large quantities of vit. E.
4. Large quantities of potassium.
5. Large amounts of calcium.
6. Large amounts of magnesium.
7. Large amounts of phosphorus.
8. Large amounts of iron.
9. Large quantities of copper.
10. Large amounts of Zinc.
11. Large quantities of silicon.
12. Ample quantity of Carotene.
13. Large amount of silicic acid.

Below you can see what the seven leaf looks like when it is in bloom.

This is a whole mouth full of Health that retains its strength because it is extremely organic. This parsley flavored superfood can be easily processed in your meals, for example by stirring, making pesto or processing in the salad. Personally, I like stir-frying with other vegetables the best way to make a pesto for the toasts. I also use this vegetable a lot in soups.

The leaf can also be dried and processed into soups and broth powder.
If the leaves are young and light green at the end of March early April, the taste is the most delicious and are still full of vitamins.
The substance falcarindiol also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Medicinal power of this plant

Seven leaf strengthens the kidneys and is urine drifting. The stored toxins in the kidneys are broken down faster by means of seven leaves and discharged through the bladder. The toxins can cause gout and rheumatism.
that's why drinking enough water per day is also so important
so that the kidneys continue to function properly. (I have gout
and thanks to a diet including Nettles
and seven leaf I no longer suffer from a
gout attack.) Seven leaf is
easy to recognize and the
all year to be found
except in the

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Here is a video for the identification of Zevenblad.



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