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50 shades of green: Landmannalaugar.

Hikers, this is a post for you!

Don't be aware of walkers too: enjoy the photos, and get inspired -).

Landmannalaugar is an area in Iceland that sits a lot above Hella, not far from the famous Hekla volcano.

Landmannalaugar is an area famous for its ryolite rock, which colors the mountains.

When you see photos of Landmannalaugar (or L-15), you'll always see the beautifully coloured mountains coming back.

Landmannalaugar is also known for the Obsidian you can find there, even stronger: you stumble over it, sometimes literally.

In the two summers that I've been to Iceland I walked twice in Landmannalaugar, and I already know that there's a third time coming because what a fantastic area is it?.

In this post, I take you to the heart of L-15: Landmannahillar, and the walk I took there.

You'll get to Landmannalaugar by car via road F208, or the F225.

On the last road you have to cross a river twice, so only take it if your car is suitable for it.!

There are buses to the area, so even if you don't have a car you can get there.

You can stay overnight in Landmannalaugar: there's a fairly large campsite.


When you drive to Landmannalaugar, drive the last stretch (about 50 minutes) via a gravel road, right through the lava fields.

A dusty road, but very beautiful, and you have promising views of the, already beautifully colouring mountains.

There is a parking lot in front of the city centre, then cross the river (usually walking via the bridge), and then you reach the information center (a little bit), annex shop, annex reception in front of the campsite. There you will find the only toilet facility in Landmannalaugar, so make use of this!

In the picture above, you can see the path that almost everyone walks: away from the center towards Landmannahillar.

The glittering stone you see is Obsidian.


You'll walk through the lava fields, and you'll see beautiful views right away, as you can see above.

It sounds cliché, but really true: the photo does not do justice to reality!

The first part of the walk is (after a first climb).!) easy to walk.

The shortest walk is along a well-passable path, you can walk back and forth.

However, we walked further and wanted to see the mountains from above, which meant climbing!


After seeing the photo above, you may understand the title of this blog series..

Iceland is so beautiful green, the whole light-colored moss is my favorite!


So climbing..

Armed with two walking sticks, and I really wasn't the only one.

Unless you have your mountain goat diploma, walk up with sticks.

The climb is big, but along the way you're encouraged by descending people who say you're almost there (that really helps!).

And along the way, the view also helps!


Every stretch you climb makes the view more beautiful, especially when the sun shines on the mountains..




The last pictures were taken from Lanmannahillar: at the top.

I was just standing there with a little bit of happiness: because what is it terribly beautiful?!

Keep in mind that it can blow quite on top of the top, so it's a lot cooler.

Luckily I had a jacket in my backpack, I recommend that to everyone (I really saw everyone who came upstairs wearing a jacket too).

If you've walked up, you have to go down again..

And there too the views are beautiful, and then you'll encounter the horspots again, with associated scents (sulphur/rotten egg scent).


The way back we walked along a more challenging path between the lava chunks.

If you're not good on your feet, it's not an option, although it's a very nice route.!

In the photo you can see the beginning of the path, later it became so challenging that I didn't take any more pictures.

Also in this picture you can clearly see the Obsidian.


Here and there you really had to climb rocks, on all fours.

But it's insanely beautiful.!


The last part of the walk led us along Blue mountain, the color in the picture again does not honor the colour in reality.

I looked out of my eyes!

After a mile or eight (and an hour or three and a half) we were back to the city center.

Both broken but so fulfilled!

Next year we take another walk, we're going to train right away.

From Landmannalaugar also runs the Laugavegur trail: a trail that takes you to Pórsmörk in four days, and possibly through there Skogar (in southern Iceland).

This is a walking tour done by trained walkers, seems to be very beautiful.

Who ever knows..

If you ever come to Iceland, or want to go there, put Landmannalaugar on your list, you can't miss it!

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