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Black Beach, Iceland

That I fell in love with Iceland will not surprise you, I have written about it several times.

One of the nicer (but also dangerous) places in Iceland is Black Beach.

Black beach is a beach, the name says it all, that you will find in southern Iceland, near Vík í Mýrdal, in short: Vík.

Vík is about the extreme point that you do when you drive the golden circle route in Iceland in a few days.

Near Vík you will also find the Mýrdalsjokull glacier, which is visited by many tourists.

But I was more attracted to Black Beach, I have a thing for the beach: I can relax there!


The beach is jet black, and consists of miniature lavabskirts.

Under the glacier lies a volcano smoldering: the Katla, which is partly responsible for the black beach.

Black beach is a dangerous beach, the sea can be very unpredictable, and you are always warned not to stand with your back to the sea, because suddenly there may be high, powerful waves.

Every year there are tourists who are raided by these waves, and almost every year there is one dead.


But when you listen to the people who know it and use your mind there is not much going on, you can walk along this beautiful beach.

And if you're called Chris, collect pebbles instead of shells.

Because shells are not found on this beach!

I enjoyed the wild sea, and brought some pebbles in my pocket, just as a souvenir..

Off the coast you see two rocks: the Icelanders say that these are two trolls that are petrified when they were not gone in time: according to legend, a troll is petrified in daylight.


Although I would like to walk for hours on Black beach it was very cold when I was there (it was winter), so we didn't stay too long.

Once back in our stay I turned out to have brought quite a bit of beach sand in my shoes...

I kept that sand, and later I filled a pendant with it:


This way I can always have a little bit of Icelandic beach with me!

Photos: own photos!

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