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Fifty Shades of Green: A Valley Near Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is a national park in Iceland, world famous for its colourful mountains.

I also took a fantastic walk there, you find the blog I wrote about that. HERE (opens in a new window).

The road to Landmannalaugar runs through many lava fields, dusty and predominantly black-brown.

Most people rip over this, on their way to the amazing Landmannalaugar itself, but as a result they miss a relatively small valley, which I'm not quite sure of the name.

I'm keeping it on Hnubbafossar for now. If I get any other information, I'll change it.

You will find the valley when you turn from road number 26 to road number f208.

Road number f208 is a gravel road, which you could drive with a regular car, but I recommend a 4x4, the road is mountainous here and there, and you have some deep parts, in a 4x4 you are higher, so you see more.

After about 2km on the f208 you'll find a road on the left, where you'll pass right by, a cove on the right where you can park a few cars.

You must have that unobtrusive road, or you park the car and go on the road where there is a closed declaration (for cars, you can walk there).

You will then walk towards the river Tugnaá, or better: the river, because this river is also interrupted by a power plant.

So it depends on that power station how much water they pass through, how big you find the river.

We found a calm river, and many waterfalls, how else could it be in the land of the falls, Iceland has thousands!

The river runs through a ravine, which you can see from above.

I'm giving the image back to the pictures:






I would have preferred to sit here, and then look down for hours.

But upstairs it blown hard, and it was pretty fresh.


The flora adapts to this almost constant wind, and snow in winter.

Plants grow slowly, but firmly, and the leaf is hairy, to retain moisture.

I love these miniature trees, you'll find them on lots of lava fields.


Another feature of the lava fields is that you often see figures in the chunks of lava.

According to many petrified trolls (because trolls can't stand daylight), but sometimes you might think that there is a human being trapped in the lava.

At the place where we parked our car, I saw such a human figure:


Do you see her too?

Both my partner and I saw a girl, with hair blowing.

Iceland is ideally suited to #faceseverywhere

For those who don't see it, I've highlighted the lines:


In the picture, of course, the electricity cables stand out.

These can be found above the ground all over Iceland, fortunately not everywhere, they can be rather disturbing in the landscape.

Iceland is struggling with it: increasing tourism calls for more hotels, more houses, and that demand (among other things) more energy.

Making the cables under the ground is hardly an option due to the cost, but above all, the breach of the landscape.

The lava girl thinks deeply about it.

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