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Fifty shades of green: Hengifoss waterfall

With its 128 meters altitude, the Hengifoss is one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland. In addition, it is also one of the most colorful, I read on various websites. Reason enough to want to visit this waterfall, but...

I also read that to get to the waterfall, you have to walk 2.5 km, and in that 2.5 kilometers you have to climb, climb a lot: 355 meters to be exact. And there was a problem. Because I have a couple of damaged knees, and overweight. Now I had already walked a lot in the holiday, resulting in pain in my knees, and so it was the question whether I could do this walk. But not tried was certainly not successful, so we went up the mountain.

Our base was Egilsstadir, where we arrived by road 1, 95 and 931 at the parking lot of the Hengifoss. Hengifoss is 35 km from Egilsstadir. On the (free) parking lot you will find a toilet, very nice when you go for a walk, or when you come back.

Then the road up: Before you start: Take your time for this walk! It is a tough walk, but there is plenty to see along the way, and there are viewpoints.

You start by climbing a few stone steps, these go up steeply, but are easy to walk.

After the steps, the wide path becomes somewhat more uneven. You actually walk on a hard gravel path. The path continues to rise, so do not run too fast, you still have 2.5 km to go.

I can rise better than descend, and the way out was spicy for me, but to do. Because the surface is paved, and quite evenly I could walk up well.

I had my walking sticks with me, but I didn't need these.

Of course I wished to lose a kilo or what during this climb, which makes climbing a lot easier. I was surprised at how some people walked up like they were walking on a normal road. Those people were probably more trained than me; -).

Soon we came to the first viewpoint:


The road up is beautiful!


Don't think that you walk alone when you visit the Hengifoss: especially in the high season it can be crowded. However, due to the wide walkway this is not a problem. Enjoy the view from all sides: in front of you is the mountain where the Hengifoss is waiting for you, behind you is the huge lake Lagarfljót, where a true Icelandic Nessie has been spotted, and seems to be seen occasionally, the Lagarfljót Wirm... (On youtube you will find a video about the last time the animal was on display: search on iceland lake monster). On the way, while I was breathing out, I looked closely, but I didn't see the monster.

I did see sheep, as in the whole of Iceland, on the way you find a fence on the path a few times, asking you to close that fence, to prevent the sheep from running away.


Along the way you will also encounter this waterfall, you are about 1.5 km from the total route. I've been looking forward to the basalt formations: formed from lava that has solidified under pressure.

And then, you come to the vantage point: one end above you and in front of you you see the Hengifoss! Here is a bench where you can puff out, where you can enjoy the view.


Either you see that there is another path: a path that leads you closer to the waterfall... in my case: along the way, I have seen sun, but also had rain. When I got to the viewpoint I was proud to have made it, and it actually went very well! But yes: there was another path... and at the moment I doubted the sun showed itself again and shone beautifully over the waterfall, as if she invited me to walk the last part.

And go, there I went again.


The last part is a harder part to walk: the path becomes a lot narrower, and the very last part you walk over the stones. Also, you need to cross a stream. Here I was happy with a hand from my partner.

In the end you have to take a few big steps, to get out at the foot of the waterfall, where, when I was there, it was really blowing, but where you could also see the power of the waterfall, and hear the rustling of the waterfall.

When you walk here it's still a few meters to the foot of the waterfall...


And there he is!


- Oh, my... - Oh, my...


The photos do not do justice to the beauty of this place. I have looked forward to the colors of the Hengifoss, the layers in the rocks, and the violence with which the water falls down.

It was old up here, but I had the trip for it. It took me about an hour to get up, the downhill took about the same time, because descending is harder for me than rising.

Because sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words... I was so happy that I had continued and made it to the finish line!


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