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Fifty shades of green: Kirkjufell, Iceland's most photographed mountain.

Fans of the Game Of Thrones series might recognize him: this mountain.

It is the Kirkjufell, a characteristically shaped mountain on the snaefellsness peninsula in Iceland.

This mountain has been the scene of scenes in the series, I'm told.

I never followed the series myself, but every excursion you do in this area it's told, so I'm assuming it's right.

The Kirkjufell is located along road number 54 on the north side of the peninsula, about a 4-hour drive from Reykjavik (in summer).

It is a 463 metre high mountain, which contains volcanic rock but is not a volcano, nor has it been.

In the Ice Age, this part was tramped between two ice plates, and that is how the mountain originated.


Beautiful about the Kirkjufell is that you can see the layers in the rock well, there are layers of lava, and sandstone.

And of course the special shape is beautiful, even if it is so triangular from two sides.

When you come from Ólafsvik, you hardly recognize the mountain, as it runs much flatter.

But don't worry: there's a sign and there's a decent (free) parking lot, from where you can walk to the Kirkjufellsfoss, the waterfall across the road, from which I took these pictures.


As with everything, the mountain is at its most beautiful when the sunlight shines on it, but clouds make the mountain more threatening.

The path to the Kirkjufellsfoss is gravel, but it's great to walk.

You'll be at the bottom of the waterfall in ten minutes.

The area is trimmed with strings to protect the flora in the area, sadly few people stick to it, the mountain is so popular with photographers that it is stepped over the strings to take that one beautiful photo.


The undersigned refuses to participate, and so I focused on the waterfall.

A great opportunity to try out my new filter, which allows you to “smooth” the water (for the connoisseurs: a six-stop filter):


It was in this area that I first spotted the Spotted Orchis:

An Orchid species that is on the red list of endangered plants in the Netherlands (although it is no longer protected):

It may not be the best picture, but if you don't want to trample nature you have to do something.

This beautiful Orchid can be found in more places in Iceland, especially in swampy areas.

I was in love again (very secretly more on the Orchid than the mountain).

A must-see for Game of Thrones fans, this Kirkjufell!

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