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Fifty shades of green: Looking for the humpback whales! (Photo and video blog)


That beast in the headline picture, that's not humpback.? Humpback whale is a whale?

Yes, that's right: the animal in the head shot is a “little mayor”, who is often confused with the gull, but (according to our guide on the whale tour) this is a nicer bird.

And this one wanted to be in the picture, he doesn't pose sweet?

Are you going with me looking for the humpback back?

The humpback whale is a medium-sized whale from the large family of whales.

The largest whale is the blue whale, which measures about 30 to 33 metres from nose to tail.

The Humpback backwhale is a little one compared to that: it measures about 18 metres (just for comparison: that's just as long as a harmonica bus!).

Humpback whales can be found in the oceans around Iceland, and when you're in the right season, you can also encounter them in the deeper fjords.

There are several organizations in Iceland that organise whale excursions.

When we are in Iceland, we always try to do a whale excursion.

I think it's such special animals!

I do say that I try to do these excursions at organisations responsible for handling the whales: who keep their distance from the animals and do not chase them.

This holiday we went on the road (for the fourth time) with Laki tours.

From them we know they behave responsibly, and that their goal of the excursion is to teach people something about the beautiful whales.

Whale watching generally requires you to get out into the sea, which means you are dependent on the weather, so it may happen that your planned trip will be called off, because the weather is too bad: strong winds or fog are not hazardous, which is too dangerous.

This time we departed from Holmavik, where we had booked a hotel near the port, from which we left by boat.

We depart from Holmavik.

Guide Judith talks about the whales we can hit, and their behavior.


In the photo next you can see Judith, researcher and whale photographer.

Judith was our sniff, along with all those on board.

Whales are wild animals (makes sense, I know), and wild animals are not forced.

You can't call or app them to say you're coming up with a boat full of enthusiasts, and if they want to come and give a show.

That means searching for the whales on all sides of the boat!

And what are you looking for?

Initially to blow.

A whale that breathes water blows water into the air before it breathes back in, and you can see that from a long distance. When a whale is closer, you'll hear it too.

So all of us are looking for whales (Judith is the only one on the roof of the wheelhouse, and thinks this is a terribly serious picture of himself)!

When you see something you call it to everyone, and keep the clock: the front tip of the boat is 12 hours, behind is 6 o'clock, and so on.

This year the whales stayed further at sea, so we had to sail a bit further to find them.

Well I don't mind boating at all, I feel great on the water, and the thrill of seeing whales is very special.

Of course I can't make you feel that tension in this blog, but take it from me: everyone is excited about peering!

And then:


Two ó clock!

The first whale blow has been spotted!

The captain of the boat is heading towards the whale, and in the meantime Judith lights us in, and everyone is on camera: we want them in the picture!

Guide Judith also takes her camera, taking pictures of the tails because she recognizes the whales.

With a little explanation, I give the image to the stars of the sea: the humpback whales.


You don't always see much of the humpback back, the animal takes a breath, and disappears under water again.

Then a whale can be 18 meters long, you will NOT find it in the sea!


Whales come to Iceland to eat, eat, and eat!

And that's what they do, when a humpback whales its back well, you know that the animal takes a dip: to eat, and that's the moment when, if you're lucky, you can photograph that beautiful tail!




In the photo below you can see the humpback whale nozzles, with this he breathes.

Humpback whales, like us humans, have lungs, they are mammals.



What were we lucky!

During our yet, we saw multiple whales, and were able to shoot them beautifully.!




It is unimaginable that there are people who hunt these beautiful animals.?

In fact, there are people who want to eat them?!



The boat trip couldn't last me long enough, but after a few hours, which felt like half an hour, we had to go back to the harbour.

However, not before we were able to shoot a video of a diving humpback back one more time:

We said goodbye to the animals and the sea, we have to move on.

But the animals impress me every time, every time I'm more impressed by the whales.

Did you know that many whales die because of the plastic in the sea?

They eat this, and then have a full stomach, they cannot digest and not excrete plastic.

Because they feel like a full stomach, they eat less and die of malnutrition.

So whales die of hunger, because of the plastic in the sea!

If you have ever been in Iceland: consider a whale tour with Laki tours, or any other whale organization.

Check if they are affiliated to the WDC (whale and dolphin conservation), you'll know they work responsibly!

Finally, I would like to thank Judith and the captain of Laki tours for a wonderful trip.

Hopefully to the next time!!

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