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Fifty shades of green: The Golden Plover.

What does the Golden Plover have to do with fifty shades of green?

Well, first of all, the little bird itself is almost green, making it very well camouflaged.

But more importantly, in this series: The bird is in Iceland, and that's what my series is about fifty shades of green!

It took a while, but I was allowed to visit my beloved country again, so I can continue to supplement this blog series again.


Above you can see my first look at the Heidloa, or Loa, as the bird is called in Iceland.

In English, the animal is called: European Golden Plover, European Golden Plover in Dutch.

The Loa, as I'll call him, is a migratory bird that shows itself in Iceland especially in spring and summer to breed there.

The Icelanders are happy every year when they see the animal, because then they know spring is coming.

The bird is estimated to be about 35 centimeters high, including the legs, which are long.

The animal stands out for its beautiful plumage in summer, and is very recognizable by the white “s” shaped stripe that runs across the side.

The bird breeds in Iceland, the parent couple keeps in constant contact with each other by calling at each other, that also betrays the place where the bird sits, because the color of the plumage makes the bird barely noticeable.!

The bird can also be seen in the Netherlands, between October and March, but does not have the characteristic “s”, as this is the bird's summer dress.


It took me a few years to get to know the Loa.

As said, the little animal is not noticeable if you don't pay attention.

A funny fact is that I like to stay at Loa's Nest, a B&B in Iceland.

I've been wondering who Loa was for almost two years.. by now the whole thing is clear.!

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