Fifty shades of green: the impressive White Tailed Eagle, or White-tailed bald eagle. | Encaustichris

Fifty shades of green: the impressive White Tailed Eagle, or White-tailed bald eagle.

It is the largest bird of prey in Europe, with its 2 to 2.5 meters wingspan (the wings wide) it is a tremendously impressive appearance, and we had the pleasure of seeing this animal at a reasonable distance.

The first time we saw the bird was on the way.

Suddenly a big bird flew above us, which literally almost disappeared from the picture with two wings.

Extremely gracefully and calmly the animal flew by us.

Leaving us deeply impressed.

A few days later, we did a puffin excursion: by boat on the water, so as to get close to the birds without disturbing them.

That was a lot of fun of course, but as a bonus, our guide spotted a White Tailed Eagle.

Luckily, I had my camera ready so I could shoot the bird pretty well.

The bird itself wasn't very much enamored by that, and so it didn't pose.

I'm giving the image over to the Eagle:


Sitting so on the lookout, it doesn't seem so impressive.

The Eagle mainly eats fish, birds and young mammals.


The Eagle doesn't like cameras, and takes the legs, uh, wings.


Only then stands out how huge the animal is.

His nickname is: the flying door.


Over two metres wide, one metre high head-to-tail.


A White Tailed Eagle can be 20 years old.


This bird has no natural enemies, the only enemy is man.

The bird can react very aggressively to humans, fortunately this specimen went the other way.

The eggs, however, are hunted by other animals.


A new rock to take place.

A gull defends his territory and tries to drive away the Eagle (in vain).




White-tailed eagles have no territory, and often breed in groups, on top of mountains, or cliffs, safely away from humans.


Happy, quiet sitting.

Birds of Prey Fly In Principle When Hungry, Or Need to Flee.

Of course we left the animal alone after this show.


This bird is not endangered, although it is not common in the Netherlands.

Things are doing better with these birds: in Iceland they are quite common, although we have only had a chance to shoot it so well.

Most of the time we saw them fly at high altitude, and we heard their screams.

I am thankful to be able to photograph this beautiful bird like this, and I am still deeply impressed by the animal.

When you get the chance to go to Iceland: keep your eyes and ears open.

We have seen the animals in the Westfjords.

Of course own photos, taken with my Olympus OMD EM1 brand 2, and M zuiko digital 40-150mm lens and 1.4 converter.

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