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Fifty shades of green: the seals at Ytri Tunga.

Today I would like to take you to summer Ytri Tunga in my Iceland series.

We are on the Snaefellsness Peninsula, about 2.5 hours drive from Reykjavik (in summer).

When driving on Sneafellsness, road 54 is the big, passable road you'll ride the most.

This road is easy to navigate (in summer), with any car.


In the photo above, you can see a detailed road map.

These maps are distributed free of charge at the various information points you'll find across Iceland.

My advice is: take them with you and use them: there are always nice tips on it, and you can take notes on them yourself.

Riding the 54 you'll enjoy the scenery.

We drove from Borgarnes below the peninsula, which made us have the sea on the left, and on the right the mountains.

Immediately I was once again captivated by Iceland's fifty shades of green.

With every turn you make, the landscape is different, you really look out of your eyes!

Because it's a long trip, we decide to have lunch before looking at the seals.

Along the way we see several waterfalls, and when we spot a parking lot by a waterfall, we decide that it's going to be our lunch spot.


Ytri Tunga beach is half an hour from this place.

Arriving you will find a parking space, free of charge, where you can find signs that this is a quiet area, and you need to keep away from the seals.

Quite rightly, because even though the animals look very easy, they can bite.!


Ytri Tunga is a big beach, and especially at low tide you can observe the seals.

We were lucky it was (still) low tide, and after some scrambling over some big boulders we could see the seals.


Above the boulders we had to go over and eventually photographed on.

Look with you??



They look so petty..



Pay particular attention to the water: it rises very fast when the weather starts to flood.!

That caused a lot of wet feet the day we were there.

There is more beauty on Itri Tunga beach next to the seals:


Is it a mussel or a butterfly??

The planting below is Mertensia Maritima: Oyster Plant.

This one seems to taste like Oyster, I haven't tasted it. (Source: Loa's nest, a guesthouse)


Even the little birds are busy looking amongst the seaweed; they picked many bugs away.!


Ytri Tunga is a soothing place.

You can stay there for hours and enjoy the birds, seals, flowers, the sea.

However, there is much more beautiful on Snaefellsness.

Continue on route 54, I promise you will not be disappointed!

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