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Icelandic car wash ;-)

Last week I returned from my vacation in Iceland. After our visit in winter, we wanted to see the country in summer, which is more than happy.!

The Icelandic horses are famous all over the world. They have called a special corridor, the count, or tölt, where the horse always has one hoof at the ground. Icelandic horses are small, for horse notions, you would think you're dealing with a big pony. But they are temperamental and strong!

During our journey we saw a lot of Icelanders, as we called the horses, mostly in the meadow, but sometimes in the “wild”, the “whey” was then a vast expansive area, shielded by wild grids, and the horses have all the space. In one of those rooms, I had a meeting with the horses, a very personal meeting.

Iceland is a volcanic island, which means that there is a lot of lava to be found. And lava contains magnesium, and that's what the horses love! Here in the Netherlands, horses often get a licking stone, my friends in Iceland had a very special form of licking stone, namely our rental car! Because of the many driving along gravel roads, and through lava fields, the car was covered in dust, lava dust. It didn't take long if the horses had discovered that such a car is not only suitable for rogue, but can also taste delicious.

You understand, I was just looking crazy. and then grabbed my cell phone to film the hilarious thing:

I got into the car with great difficulty (the horses had no intention of letting me in, to drive away their big licks), and drove away, chased by the horses for a while.

Lava is very good for your garden, Scorelaar wrote a blog about it, you'll find HERE (opens in a new window).

More about my trip to beautiful Iceland soon!

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