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What a creep...

We were in Iceland, you won't have escaped that, I guess just like that.

And there in a spot where I was photographing a waterfall, my eye suddenly caught something dark that moved quickly over the lava.

Now you need to know that Iceland doesn't have creepy animals.

There are not even mosquitoes that bite you!

Predators are hardly there, but birds, the scariest animal is the Arctic Fox, and it is very shy.

That was what I thought until recently, because that something dark that went over the floor turned out to be a spider (sorry. @marijke , soon click away this post!!)

I was stunned that Iceland has such large spiders, and I couldn't resist trying to put the animal in the picture.

Blew the beast camera shrew! Whenever I pointed my lens on her (I suspect, given the size) she retreated.

But: I'm not going to let me catch a hole. and so here are the pictures of the spider:


The beast was (I guess) about an inch and a half, just the body.

I'm not afraid of spiders, but this one was running so hard, I didn't like her.


And then you stand by a waterfall and women and water. right urination.

Then you squat right next to the car, turns out there's another one, and the longer I looked.



Albert, who has more sense of spiders than I do, told me that this would be a Haywin.

Well, I let them get the hay far away from me!

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