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5 interesting travel tips for a small budget

Would you like to see the world but don't always let your budget ?

Then maybe you can find some information that will help you!

1) Opt for a university town in the summer and stay on campus.

- Want to visit a city such as Dublin, London or Edinburgh in Scotland ?

-> Have a stay at a university campus. From June to September, it can be at a budget price.

- Take a look at: wwwtcdie (Dublin).

- Click “visitors”.

- Click on “summer accommodation”. There you have the choice between the heart of the city (from 61 euros per night, including parking and kitchenette) and the outskirts of town. (about 4 km from the center, from 58 euro per night)

- Or go to: https://www.edinburghfirst.co.uk/ (Edinburgh)

- Click on 'hotels' and choose 'summerflats'.

- Also on: wwwuclacuk/residences (London)

- Here you are right on the right page. You can choose between campuses. Prices vary depending on location from 41 to around 80 euro.

2. Go to a weak currency country.

- If you're browsing the internet, you'll soon find the countries with the weakest coins in the world. Where the economy is running on the back burner, your euro or dollar is worth much more than at home.

- Some of these countries include: Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Venezuela, Iran, Vietnam Not the most popular holiday countries immediately, but for a world traveler on a budget, they can be an option !

3. Look for “the white night” in certain cities.

- On that 'white night', you can visit all kinds of museums for free for a whole night.

- Or search for 'free museum', you'll also find whole lists, like this one: https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-free-museum-2022/  

4. Go on a bike trip.

- Recently, there are 17 eurovelo routes, from the far north to the south of Europe. They traverse 14 European countries.

- You can find them at https://en.eurovelo.com/ #routes -and-countries . Each route is clickable for more explanation, photo material, etc.

- The bicycle roads have a signalling, are in perfect condition and are largely car-free. Basically, you can drive without GPS. Often it concerns old railway lines.

5. Search airbnb according to your budget.

- Set your location and budget and choose from the offer. Or choose a special location or a separate building style. https://www.airbnb.be/  

- Through this site we found beautiful locations in recent years !

- With this discount code, you get 30 euro discount on your first booking: REFERRAL-RMIPJ


More tips: https://yoo.rs/5-reiswebsites-waar-je-wat-aan-hebt-1649231722.html?Ysid=35575  

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