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Corfu: Agios Georgios in the southwest - my first happy stone!

Sandy beach.. it was in our travel guide. A long sandy beach..

As it is again a very hot day, with just a breeze, we saw it before us: walking miles away with our feet in the sea on the beach of Agios Georgios. (To the north there is a beach with a similar name.)

The beach is part of a narrow strip of sand 12 km long, according to our info guide.

Meanwhile, we're staying in the mountains in the narrowest part of the island.

After noon we cross the mountains east to west.

We drive along ridiculously steep, poorly maintained roads where the abyss is unshielded next to you, across the mountains in the middle of Corfu, all the way to the southwest side of the island.

We see the long beach already in the altitude and look forward to a little cool down. In the sea lies the Ortholite, a striking rock that rises from the water in front of the southern cape.

The rocks on the north side of Agios Georgios were used as a lookout point against intruders, such as pirate ships.


However, the sand is not against the water, but a few meters from the tidal line. It is palmed by beach seats and umbrellas. At the edge of the water, the so-called sandy beach consists of large, loose boulders where you can glide and fluctuate with your barefoot. With flip-flops, it barely succeeds.


That's why we decide to sit on the boulders, while the waves roll over our legs. That also brings cooling..


And there.. while I'm cluttering the boulders around me, he lies.. my first happy stone.

And while the beach walk didn't become what we expected of it, it makes me instant happy.

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