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Corfu: Dokades in Paleokastritsa

Just after noon we drive to Doukades, where we want to take a walk to a chapel. Our walking guide promises us a spectacular, breathtaking view from a rock.

It promises to be quite a bit of climbing again.

We park the car in the village's municipal parking lot and look for the square and the yellow church where the walk, such as described in our booklet, should start. We walk half the village, climb and down, climb stairs and find 2 yellow churches. No clue which to take. We both try, but none of them are true what we see with the description.

An obese Greek comes to us puffing and sweating. He probably sees us looking around, with the booklet in hand. Maybe he saw us walking around before, I don't know.

He obviously wants to help us, but only speaks Greek. What's more, he's panting in our face while he wants to look at our booklet where we want to go. Without mouth mask.

With lots of busy gestures, he shakes, nods and points up, down, and somewhere in the diar.

We don't get much wiser, but we thank him as if he saved us.

Eventually we find a weathered wooden signpost where we see Agios Simeon, the name of the chapel. With good courage, we start the climb, which leads us along a cobbled road with steps right through the mountain village.

A little further we cross a roadway and we see again a signpost, which we follow up. The description in our booklet doesn't look like the road we're following. The road is dead at a cemetery and not at the little chapel we want to reach.

We decide to consult Google Maps and tap the name of the chapel. It seems to be a twenty minute walk, but mainly along a road. Now that we've come this far, we decide to try that. We descend again and have to go back up afterwards. This way a person can stay busy.


In the end, Google Maps leads us into the olive groves, up the slope. The path we follow is overgrown with grasses and thorny plants. I open my legs, but we focus on our goal. We see the minutes shrinking until we suddenly reach a small clearing at one minute from our goal. There are hives in the clearing and it's a buzzing of the best. The path bends past the clearing to the right, but there is a large mud pool full of buzzing bees. Actually, the path there is no longer a path. It's overgrown and we can't avoid the bees and the water. We give it up. One minute from the promised overwhelming view, we decide to return to our steps.

We walk all the way back to the village and take the car to the nearest beach to have a fresh, freshly squeezed orange juice there.


Poseidon stands next to us and sees it's good..


Paleokastrista beach is beautifully located but very touristy. Not quite our thing, but very beautiful.


It does yield a few beautiful pictures that don't let our trip be completely in vain.



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