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Corfu: North East Coast from Kassiopi to Kerkyra (Corfu Town)

We load the rental car and leave the north of the island.

Our final destination is Agii Deka, a village on the second highest mountain of the island of Corfu.

We drive down the coast from the north, through the east, just past Kerkyra (Corfu Town), where we move into the mountains.

The first stop is Kassiopi, a fishing port, which also has some sailboats.

It's really hot today. There is a bit of fog above the water, but the sun creates a glare in the water that produces beautiful images. Over the water we look at the mountains of Albania.


It's pretty early and the fishing port is quiet. A fisherman is cleaning fish. When I ask if I can photograph him, he kindly agrees.


We drive around the village centre, along the water, giving us beautiful views but no parking. From there, we follow the wide coastal lane to Barbati-beach.

A long pebble beach stretches out.


Our next stop is Gouvia Marina. Here's a fortune of sailing yachts. One already bigger than the other.


We eat real Greek dishes in the village and then leave for our second holiday home. The house is at an altitude of 380 m.

The little road to it is so steep that our heavily charged rental car gives it a brisk half way and falls silent. It's equally exciting, but in the end we get upstairs.

From our terrace we look out over Corfu town with its port and airport and on the other side of the hill in front of us we have a beautiful view of the Ionian Sea and mainland Greece.

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