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Meal prepping for beginners: this is how you do it. (with recipes!)

Do you want to eat healthy, but do you often lack the time? Are you tempted to pick up a sandwich, a quick bite or a pizza in the middle of the week?

Than is #mealpreppen the solution for you.

What is meal prep or meal prepping?

Meal prep is actually preparing meals at a certain time in your week to eat at a later time. This can range from a complete meal to slicing vegetables or fruit for soup or smoothie and freezing to have less work later.

How do you do that?

If you have never done it before, start simply. You can expand once you've experienced how much time it saves you.

  1. Choose a moment in the week when you have time to oversee your week.
  2. Make a choice: do you want to prepare meals for this week at a certain time or are you going to double some meals in the next week to freeze in case it's a bit busier? Would you like to just cut vegetables and store them in the freezer to prepare fresh soup, a smoothie or a vegetable sauce at a later date without having to do the carving?
  3. Create a shopping list: adjust the quantities, see what's on offer. Now is the time to stock up.
  4. Some things can be stored in the refrigerator for several days, some things better put in the freezer. The 'golden rule' is: 3 days in the fridge, 3 months in the freezer. You don't want to spoil hours of work, do you?
  5. Buy a stock of frozen containers in square or rectangular shape. They stack better and provide an overview.
  6. Potatoes (boiled), pasta, rice, quinoa etc. are not so tasty from the freezer. Try to avoid those in frozen foods. Whoever eats low-carbohydrate, let them out completely.
  7. Start small, otherwise you will soon not like it.


An example

Work: an hour and a half, if you already have the groceries in your house.What- What? Oven casserole with cauliflower and minced meat (4 people) for the same afternoon and for the next time separate portions ( #koolhydraatarm ) and oatmeal rolls for the son who needs to eat gluten-free and would like to take it to work the next day. ( #glutenvrij , not suitable for low-carbohydrate!) When I prepare a casserole, I always add something else. The oven does the work anyway, so I have some time and the second dish should also be in the oven. While the oven is cooking your dish, you can also perfectly prepare a soup for freezing (partially).
Recipes are listed below:

However, you might as well make and freeze larger quantities of each meal in a less busy week. In a busy week, you will be grateful to yourself that you can prepare your own ready-made meal from your freezer! It's the same job to put 6 pieces of meat in your pan as to put 4 in it...

For casseroles, you can prepare your preparation in the oven and then freeze or you can also just prepare the casserole to put it in the oven later. Both options are possible! Also useful if you ask people to eat!

Other low-carbohydrate meal prep options:

Other useful tips:

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