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Summer in France - 3 weeks, 3 regions: the overview

Summer in France

Three regions in more than three weeks - the overview


Corona had our flight cancelled. That's how we ended up with our 'old love', France, this summer. We haven't complained for a moment. France is versatile, with beautiful, unspoilt nature, good food and drinks, delicious smells and colours and a 'go the easy way' lifestyle.

Below you will find an overview of more than 3 weeks in this beautiful country. Useful if you want to explore one of these pranks.

May I inspire you?

-> Clicking through to the previous /next day can also always be done at the bottom of each blog.

Base 1: Puichéric, in the heart of the Aude, between Narbonne and Carcassonne.

-> The last tile must be 'day 8'. You'll see that when you get to the page itself. The tile is unfortunately not customizable... -> Also 'day 8' below is actually 'day 9'...

Base 2: Eygalières, in the Bouche du Rhône region, at the foot of Provence.

-> Also on the first and last day of week 2 there is an error in the tile: the first is day 9 - the last day 15-16.

Base 3: Aurel, in the region of Drôme, between Crest and Die.

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