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Wok dish with scampi and cod

On Saturday and Sunday I often have extra guests who stay for dinner in the afternoon. I usually choose a casserole or a wok dish. Then everyone can choose their own portion and my pots and pans are not too small to feed all the mouths. This dish was served with rice, but who #koolhydraatarm ,this can easily be solved by leaving out the rice! The rice was cooked separately anyway. (see photo below - just take some more fish, scampi or vegetables)


Ingredients for 4 people. (Very easily adaptable to more or less according to your own needs, there is no need to be weighed or counted.)

- about 20 scampi or large shrimp - 4 cod fillets - a container of mushrooms - a bag of spinach of 400 g - a red onion and an ordinary onion - 100 ml cream - possibly cook rice separately - spices: ras-el-hanout, curry and turmeric - olive oil or other heat resistant oil


Here's how to prepare it:- Heat some olive oil in a non-stick pan. - Fry the scampi in it and season them thoroughly with the 3 herbs. - Remove the scampi's from the pan and put them aside.

- In the meantime, cut the onions into strips. - Heat some oil in the wok pan and stew the onions.

- Fry the cod fillets in the pan of the scampi, without cleaning it. If necessary, add some extra fat and some extra spices.


- Tear the spinach into smaller pieces and add them to the onions. - In the meantime, cut the mushrooms into smaller pieces or into slices. - Add them to the spinach and onions and stir regularly.

- Turn off the stove under the fish pan and let it simmer.

- Keep stirring your wok dish regularly so that the spinach does not fry on the walls of your pan. Put a (glass) lid on your wok pan in between.

- When your spinach has shrunk, add some cream and season with the 3 herbs.


- When your spinach has become soft in the wok, warm up the pan with the fish for a moment. If necessary, add the scampi's. You can also let them warm on top of your wok dish - without stirring over.

Serving tip:

- Put the rice in a deep plate or bowl. - Make a light dimple in the middle. - Put a large scoop of the spinach mixture on it. - Arrange a few scampi and a piece of fish on top.


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