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3 Day Motortour germany

In June it's that far again I'm going to make a three-day motorbike tour with a couple of motorcycle friends. To get a bit in the mood I looked at some pictures from last year. I didn't have a blog about this yet, so I started to share this with you.

Three day motor tour 2018!

On 26 June 2018 we made a three day motorbike trip in Germany. We had agreed at the shell pump the Pollux where we started our trip with 9 engines. Day 1 we had driven about 290 km when we joined us hotel Villa Löwenherz in the village # Launförde arrived. I thought it was an exciting day. My navigation system didn't do what I wanted, a few roads we couldn't go in and a nice place I had picked turned out to be closed. And then you have to improvise and then it's nice that you're on the road with people who jump in and think along with you. Furthermore, I thought the tour was successful.

The hotel where we stayed is a motorbike hotel where only motorcyclists are welcome.

Day 2

The second day I woke up early and went outside to take a little walk. During my #wandeltocht I have some #foto I just made it.

Also with the engines it was still quiet.

Slowly everyone woke up and we could start breakfast together. The one more cheerful than the other but that did not bother by a few lame jokes was everyone again in good mood and we started the tour that was planned on day two of the trip. The first stop was in #Hanover Munden where we sat on the terrace wonderfully with coffee and pastries of course.

On the terrace we sat in the shade under the canopy at a round table. The owner came to us and pressed a button. To our surprise we started spinning, but very slowly so that the coffee and pastries did not fly in the round. It was a fantastic place because from this place on the terrace you had seen the whole area.

After the coffee and the necessary pictures we got back on the bikes and when all started we continued our route again. Where we had to cross the Wiser with a pound, which was pulled by cables, one more time. We also drove along the Edersee where we came across this special house, (photo moment). If you drive along the Edersee you really have a feeling that you are driving along a boulevard. That was delicious.

This day went well a few times we had to detour because some pounds across the Weser were not in operation or we had to turn because the road was transformed into a dead end one that was previously a transit road. I was also told that the route was a part of a road that was intended only for the neighbouring residents, I said no idea but it was a nice part to drive? You didn't have to swerve because then you fell a few meters down, haha luckily everyone came off without scraps. Once again at the hotel there was soon a drink ready for us and we could directly join the walking buffet. The hotel was great. Both the first and last evening we have a walk after dinner.

It was three fantastic days and we enjoyed our annual three day tour again. In the beginning I wrote that we are going on a trip again this year and I already feel like it. I also put that trip back on the blog. A few more pictures of the back trip.

Would you like to go as a motorcyclist in this hotel? http://www.villa-loewenherz.de/ Would you like to see more motorbike rides then look below.

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