450 Anniversary of the Holy Inquisition in Mexico


This next November 4 is the 450 anniversary of the creation of the Holy Inquisition in Mexico.

After the conquest on November 4, 1571, the Court of the Holy Office was officially established, which was under the Council of the Supreme Institution, that is, the Inquisitor General of the Hispanic Monarchy.

This was an event that undoubtedly changed the turn of Mexico's history.

Before this historic event, the vigilance of bishops and other prelates of the church had been sufficient to suppress heresy. In fact, until the second half of the 15th century it was tolerated that Moors and Jews would celebrate their worship peacefully. Mosques and synagogues both enjoyed private and protected in their rights.

Before the Inquisition Jews and Muslims were more free to practice their beliefs, Catholicism took over Mexico as it were my personal opinion and made it a country that mostly predominates Catholicism.
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