Mexican Revolution.


Today while reading one of the universal history books I brought from the library of the grandfather's house, I was able to observe in detail the process of revolution that Mexico underwent in the twentieth century.

Here's a little bit of what I learned this cool day, which caused you to spend the whole day sitting on a chair with hot chocolate and cookies, reading a good book.
I hope you like my post I share it with a lot of love for you.

It all began on Sunday, November 20, 1910, from six in the afternoon, the armed uprising convened by Francisco I Madero to end the government of Porfirio Díaz, and establish free and democratic elections.

The Mexican Revolution can be considered as the most important political, economic and social event of the twentieth century in our country. This occurred within the framework of an authoritarian political regime that lasted for decades, resulting in enormous social and economic inequality.

Over time, diverse people, groups and organized forces begin to mark the actions and movements that would lead to the outbreak of such an important event.

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