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Chicken from the Pan

Do you remember him, the Römertopf or as he's also called the Roman stew?? It's a porous bowl with lid both of pottery. The name Roman stew is probably because it was thought to have been used in the times of the Romans.

In the 1970s, I used it a lot, but now it's been unused in a closet for years. When I moved, I ran into him again. Does he have to go to the cycle or do I do something with it?. He was allowed to go to the new house and was back on the nomination to be used. I now use it a few times a week to bake bread Not kneading bread and for a delicious chicken dish and I'm going to give you that recipe, but first a second..


The dish should first be immersed in the water for at least 15 minutes. why? The dish absorbs the water and then when it is put in the cold oven with lid and then slowly heat it creates an oven in an oven. When baking, the water evaporates and creates a mist that steams your ingredients. This way you won't lose vitamins and nutrients. Which is also nice, it can't touch.

Tip: 2

Don't you have a Römertopf, but would you like one?. In many thrift stores, they are still ready to get a bit of a shot. Don't tell any further.

Would you like the whole recipe?? Then click on the image.

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