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Really no sacred bean

#recipes Do you remember learning how to germinate beans in elementary school?. We had to bring an empty jam pot and there went toilet paper, press a brown bean there, sprinkled some water and within a few days the bean germinates and a stalk is coming. It's really hard. Fun to do with the kids on a rainy summer day. In the other seasons, of course,. But we're going to talk about eating brown beans right now.

Are Brown Beans Healthy?

Yes and not just brown beans, but all beans actually. Beans are not vegetables but legumes and healthy because they are very low in fat, but very high in protein. They burst further with dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. Super healthy, but not only that they are very nice.

Now that we're supposed to eat less meat, we have to make sure to get enough protein and the brown bean is perfect for that.

Is the brown bean a thicker??

No certainly not, the many fibers accelerate your digestion. Fibre does not contain calories, but do make you feel full and that's the advantage of stopping eating before and you hold that full feeling a little longer, which means that the chocolate can stay in the closet. win win situation.

Brown beans used to be a real winter cost. Brown beans with crunches and potato, but now it can be very good in summer. That's why a summer recipe. If you follow my program to get fit in 90 days, make sure you don't brag for a second time, although it's so good.

Open the recipe by clicking on the photo. Eat appetizing.

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