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Rotterdam day


Why don't I know, but this one was in concepts all along, but places?.

Rotterdam is not just going for a day, no Rotterdam do you?. It's a city of doers. We had another free travel day, so what better to spend it on than a trip to the Maasstad?. It starts good. We walk to the bus that takes us to Utrecht and near the corner we see him driving, as the heart rate up through the sprint, we stand by the bus, the man wants to drive away anyway, knock on the door and luckily he opens and we can join us. Then you're on the bus with a good feeling. Almost at Bunnik we end up in a traffic jam, there is 15 km on the A12 motorway, and there is a massive choice for the bus bus running by default. Over half an hour delay, but what does it matter, all the time if you don't have an appointment anyway. Meanwhile, the bus gets hard apped to school and work to explain why you're late. A bus full of cell phone using people must be a source of radiation.
Arriving in Rotterdam, we take the decline of the new station and walk past all sorts of memories of my loved one. On this side of the track, you don't see the giant buildings that Rotterdam is now full of. The Weena features beautiful statues and glass buildings that reflect the whole square.

Tuesday is the market day. There's a lot of things to buy in this market. From second-hand articles to the latest gadgets. Fish stalls with a grading that you really don't see in a fish shop, fish I've never heard of before.

And then to the new indoor market hall, Jules Deelder already called him “a hangar for zeppelins” but he's really beautiful and impressive. A beautiful ceiling and, of course, lots of fixed stalls. No competition for the market merchants outside this is really very different, actually very luxury with very nice quality were.

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I am impressed with what happened here every time I come to Rotterdam. Rotterdammers are doers so of not dicks, tackling.
Just walk past the inland ports and all the museum boats out there, catching beehive, having a drink and a bite to eat. I still walked more than 18 km, my GPS indicates.
This time, unfortunately, no time for museums, James Bond in the Kunsthal, the world museum with the exciting exhibition “the future of fashion is now”, not even to the trendy district Katendrecht where the renowned passenger ship (Rotterdam), which I sailed as a 19-year-old hairdresser.
Doing Rotterdam for a day is too little. Make it a city break.

And then we're back at the beautiful station to take the train back.


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