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walking through the Green Heart

The Weather Channel indicates that it is dry but if I put my head outside the door, my glasses are no longer usable to look closely with. Sturdy drizzle and it will make you wet. I walk to Sprinter and go to Montfoort to take a walk through the “Green Heart" of the Netherlands. It's still moths, but as I've written before, bad weather doesn't just exist bad clothes.

I park sprinter next to Grand Grutter AH and I'm going to make coffee for Wim who is my guide today. He arrives on the bike of Ijsselstein and did not keep it dry. The coffee is good for us and we are going on the road for the round Montfoort — Linschoten — Oudewater — Montfoort.


Montfoort was built around a castle that was built in 1170 by order of bishop of Rhenen. The bishops didn't have so bad at that time. There is a lot to do in such a castle so soon there arose around a settlement that already received city rights in 1329. It was walled and there was a moat. Of all this, little is left only the IJsselpoort and some loose parts of the city wall.

You continue along the water over a blubberige dike and arrive in


In this village, the river Korte Linschoten is just Lange Linschoten. The core of the village consists of historic buildings and there is even a star restaurant “De Burgemeester".

We leave the village and walk past Huis in Linschoten. It is the largest estate in the Randstad. Country house with park, large farms, watercourses, forests and meadows, total 450 hectares. The gate is closed and it seems we're not welcome for a cup of tea, so let's just walk on.

We walk along the Lange Linschoten with large farms on both sides where there are now also some galleries in. In one of them is now established a tea garden. After 14 km of walking a nice place to have our own lunch with a cup of coffee. The tea garden is closed by the corona measures but we see a bench that normally always stands on the way and that is equally good to rest. My last bite just started his journey to my stomach when suddenly there's a man standing next to us. It turns out to be the operator, and he is not so charmed by the fact that we are sitting there.

What are you doing here? You can see we're closed.

. Uh, yeah, but we thought we'd take a rest and get some dinner.

Just as long as you know the toilets are closed.

So quickly went away and further to the beautiful town,


also called the capital of the Green Heart, it is at least the oldest city because it already received in 1265 city rights. In the 16th and 17th centuries Oudewater became prosperous mainly due to the manufacture of rope. From this period still date a number of buildings in the old town. We walk past the old dart and past the town hall and I know that building. It was used in the series Swiebertje. Oudewater was the setting for the outdoor shots and not only for Swiebertje but also for Ernst, Bobbie and the rest.

As the Haarlemmers, mosquitoes are called so are the Oudewaters, Yellowbellies called. That's from the time of the rope. The ropebutchers walked outside with a very thick, yellow bundle of hemp in front of their belly. We continue on our way to Montfoort but first the nature reserve,


it is a swamp area and is also called birdland. What can you come across here. The cuckoo flower and the marsh forges- me -not but also the protected swan flower, I didn't see it but it could and then the birds, it's a paradise for birds and from the watchtower you have a beautiful view over the area. Right now walking here is a gloomy event. Where grass should grow is now only greasy mud. It's about four miles of slippery through this beautiful area.

After 23,39 km we are back in Montfoort. A lot of beautiful things seen but a little sunny weather would make it even more attractive. Wait for spring. Wim thanks for the guide and I understand why you are so excited about walking through the Green Heart. #walking

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