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thai green curry ah package

This week the packages are on offer at Albert Heijn, so a good opportunity to try something new again.

The choice fell on the Thai green curry. Some more chicken fillet and rice, and you'll have a nice meal.

The recipe says that you need to start baking the chicken, but I like it better to fry the onion first. Then I put the chicken in the pan. When it was fried on all sides, the carrot could be added in cubes, the zucchini, a cute little cucumber, the pointed pepper and the tomato. (From the peel of the tomatoes I made 2 florets and from some peel of the cucumber leaves. I just liked for the photo.)

After the whole was stirred at high temperature for 4 minutes, the curry paste could be added. That looked nice, the herbs were clearly visible and for a ready package there were no scary E-numbers in it.

After all, everything had to be gently stewed in coconut milk for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile I had also cooked a pan of silvervliesrice and we could quickly at the table.

We ate delicious. Even though I put the whole red pepper through, it didn't get too sharp.

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review package ah

Also a delicious package with mayi tuber and rutabaga. I myself had never come up, had never prepared mayol.

Review package ah

Although I'm not very fond of sweet potato, I wanted to try this.

Moroccan couscous of AH

With the wastes of AH you can get around the world!

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