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Pitch camping in a tree house in the shadow of a castle on the Scheldt

Pitcamping is a new hype that is gaining popularity especially in the province of Antwerp. Never heard of it you say? Pitcamping is not just for adventurous holidaymakers. It is certainly also an attractive way to enjoy the tranquility in the middle of nature in an original way. Pitcamping that you namely on the most quiet and green regions of the province. In Hingene, located in the green Klein- Brabant and close to the Dutch border they go a step further. There you stay in a pit in the trees, more like a tree house, and ate in the shade of the idyllic castle De Walnut. How to get from unusual overnight in the middle of the greenery and in the shade of a valuable castle? Be sure to get acquainted with pitcamping in a tree house.

Sleeping in the crown of a tree

You sleep in a big one in the top of a stately tree at about three meters above the ground. Via a ladder you can reach your holiday home. There is plenty of room and sleeping space for two adults and two children. You're not only staying on the shadow of Castle De Walnut. Within walking distance are the idyllic Scheldedikes. You trade the luxury and comfort of a hotel room for a real adventure you won't forget, especially your kids.

Pitcamping in magical castle domain

From your tree house at an altitude of no less than three meters high you can enjoy a unique landscape in the shade of a magical castle garden and the beautiful domain around the pavilion de Notelaer. In this amazing place, high and dry among the trees, you are sure to unwind in this fantastic dream world full of princes and princesses. Come stay overnight in the crown of the graceful trees on the domain of pavilion De Notelaer?

High and dry

Seems adventurous camping in such a tree tent really too basic to enjoy and relax? With a place at the top of the crown of a stately tree, you should definitely not be afraid of wet feet. Your pit itself is equipped with four comfortable mattresses that are next to each other hanger. Gently rocking back and forth by the rustling wind in the trees you fall asleep. Wake up to the early morning sun on your face as the birds whistle near their most beautiful song.

Pitcamping in real works of art

These tree tents were conceived and designed by a Dutchman (had you thought otherwise?), namely Dré Wapenaar. In this way, he wants to bring people closer to each other and nature, both individually and in a group context. These tree tents were originally provided for naturactivists. They are now waiting in several places and especially in the province of Antwerp for curious and especially adventurous holidaymakers.

Pitcamping brings you back to the base

With pit camping it's literally back to the basics. In the bivouac area you have toilets, running water and picnic benches. The surrounding area is a perfect place for hikers. They enjoy the unspoilt nature of the Scheldeland appealing to everyone's imagination, with its elongated dikes and wonderful polder landscapes. You never get bored here. In the evening, enjoy at the campfire and upon awakening a delicious breakfast awaits you.

Pitcamping near Pavilion De Notelaer and castle d'Ursel

During your stay, you should also enjoy the Nutlae Tail with chocolate, cinnamon and roasted nuts. Within walking distance of the tree nuts you will get to know the ochre yellow castle d'Ursel. More than a century ago, this beautiful castle was the favorite summer residence of the d'Ursel family. After years of vacancy, it came into the hands of the province of Antwerp, which completely renovated the. Today it is no longer the destination of a duke and duchess but that of the many cyclists and hikers who visit this picturesque region in the province of Antwerp. Also on this domain you will find the also beautifully restored Atelier of Antonine, the Duchess d'Ursel, now a beautiful holiday home for eight people.

Pitcamping in one of the nine quiet areas

The tree tents in this castle domain are part of one of the nine officially recognized quiet areas of Flanders. There's plenty of room for rustling trees, singing birds and babbling streams. Here you can enjoy nature undisturbed. Book your treehouse. That can be online tree nuts.

The shortest way to your tree tent

The castle d'Ursel is located in the centre of Hingene, a part of Bornem. From the Netherlands you can reach this region best via Breda- Antwerp

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