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28-01-2020... It's just a perfect day and I want to spend it with you! (Austria, day 9)

The plane taxi to fly me and a few more of those Austrians to the Netherlands.
For me, that plane doesn't have to bother getting off the ground. Besides, it's still in a hurry too, because we leave 8 minutes earlier than planned. Well, yeah, now that I have to leave, then as soon as possible. By the way, I posted a blog online in the time I was waiting at the airport. That's how waiting, no waiting.
Just like on the way out, there's no one in the middle seat. Nice luxury, because then I can type normally, without getting cramped in my arms. The tall boy on the corner can also be widelegged. And that's what it does.

But you have another day of travel from me. I thought I'd go shopping after breakfast this morning. I had seen a store yesterday that caught my eye. I wanted to deflate that. Was all ready. You're already feeling it coming. SHUT. Hey guys, how many weekend do you need? On Saturdays you will close at noon and open on Mondays.? Look, that's why I want to live there. Nice lazy and laid-back country.

Oostenrijk Look, I saw this in the late night.
Oostenrijk This I saw during the day. closed.

And this is it.
Well, effe didn't need therapy either. Oh, wait, I'm not a kid. Couldn't have been right there anyway.
But what a cool entrance for such a child says. Provided he's afraid of clowns.

All right, back again and the car reversed, and the clikos at the hotel filled up. Tidy stands tidy.
Another whole day ahead, I'll go instead of. direction Salzburg Airport (20 min. drive), the other way. That was a weird but oh-so-fun driving day. I had a kind of spacious bochie, far from Salzburg, planned. Just not to think that I had to go home. I didn't want to see the place name on the signs. So, I went towards Gmunden. Have accidentally been there twice before in the distant past. And wanted to see what it was like now. At the time I found the mountains too low and so not my place to be.
It won't surprise you that the mountains haven't grown in Gmunden. Not in width. But I didn't recognize it all anymore. Gmunden has grown. Grown Dense. But not an uncozy city, but yes, the mountains are too low. So by rrrrr. Both Ebensee and Gmunden are on Lake Traunsee. So I had the pleasure of driving along the lake. And in the meantime, the sun started shining. Little late, sister, because otherwise I would have gone up stairs with Katrin, but you had to sleep in today if necessary. Luckily, the sun was still asleep when I left in the morning, otherwise I wouldn't have seen what I would see.
So by rrrrrr. See as much as possible this day.

And I think Austria, like England, also has a Lake District, because I drove from one lake to another. And the sun gave me a spring feeling. Everything was green or brown (yes, it's winter of course) And it smelled great! To trees. But frankly, I wanted to taste the last snow, but it wasn't going to look like that anymore. The mountains were also getting lower and down. As well, of course, it was still beautiful.
Well look for yourself.

Oostenrijk Traunsee near Ebensee

Traunsee. Also at Ebensee

Oostenrijk Gmunden and a piece of Traunsee

Gmunden That mountain with snow I wanted to go. Today.

Oostenrijk So byrrrrr, towards mountain.
Sweet cottage in the wild.
Oostenrijk Do you see those white mountains?. That's where I'm lucky
Oostenrijk Closer than this I don't get to those mountains, but I'm suddenly in the snow again.
Oostenrijk Behind that fence lies a small lake (Klaussee, I believe)
Oostenrijk Half frozen
Oostenrijk I didn't have a 'I need pee day', but I was happy with this blue danger in the middle of nature, because I had a great need at that time.
Oostenrijk Five minutes' drive from that lake, I suddenly end up here. Green and sunny. Here I spent an hour hanging out couch, because it was there and my baby was eaten.
Oostenrijk And the mountains were getting lower and down. It was like I was driving in Limburg. Cute, but I want BERGEN !!
Oostenrijk It's beautiful, of course, but.
Oostenrijk And look there's an. there they are the high
Oostenrijk And on the other side of the road too. Let's see if I can get there, but in the end it didn't work out. The road swung to something else.
Oostenrijk So to this.
And sure enough, the last scraps of snow discovered. You see, the sun starts to go down. At that time it's around 4pm. So another hour before it gets dark.
Oostenrijk Enjoy this spot for a little more. Maybe the last snow I see today.
Oostenrijk And then I come across another lake, while I go around Salzburg and typing Hallein on Maps. The last footage of the mighty mountains of Austria, which I can't get enough
Oostenrijk If only I could stay there. You can wake up with this every day.

It was a perfect day !!
I always want to spend it with you !
Oostenrijk And then I land in the Netherlands in the pouring rain. And realize I had beautiful weather in Austria.

And just a little more funny.
My alarm goes off on the plane and I didn't notice it until there was some tumult around me. Two men had come out of their seats to see where the sound came from and pointed my direction, but I didn't respond. Suddenly I hear my alarm (hurry up if I don't hear it), but leave it on purpose, because they really have no idea where it comes from.
Too funny.
Five minutes later I put it off casually. The men shook their heads unwittingly. And I'm smiling inside.

And to top it all off, my phone immediately goes when the plane has landed (not recorded, because I don't understand it anyway. Was the taxi by the way, wow what a service) The same men turn to me and I laugh sweethearts at them.

So far my vacation and the high frequency of blogging. I loved having you with me and I enjoyed your reactions. , which I had time to respond to in retrospect thankfully, fortunately.

One last tip . Invented really nice on time on my last day. In google maps, you can tap the roads on the map if you want a different route than maps. I keep that tip from mu eige for the next trip.

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